Minimalist Home Design

Minimalist Home Design

Most of the minimalist houses featured in this post are located in a beautiful natural setting. some projects open into their surroundings with large windows offering unobstructed views. The interiors have left an impression of sobriety, but in some examples, this feeling is mitigated by some well-chosen details. Small brightly colored decorative objects or the presence of wood are just some of the ways you can add a touch of cheerfulness to a modern minimalist home.

Are you an admirer of minimalist homes? Well, if you’re looking for inspiring minimalist interiors, this article guarantees you the best ideas currently available! We have compiled a list of the most elegant projects each characterized by simple decorations and features. Often defined as reducing an object to its basic necessities, minimalism is also a term that characterizes a popular modern architecture and a stream of design.


Gorgeously Minimalist Living Rooms That Find Substance in Simplicity

Minimalism. What does this mean to you? Does that mean white walls, wooden floors and wide open French doors? Does it look like block sofas, strong architecture, faded colors and patterns? Minimalism does not necessarily mean choosing simple, boring or inexpensive furniture and accessories. Simply by saying “less is more”, minimalism can help you focus your piece on the mood or theme of your choice. Paint it well, with a row of pink sofas on a white floor. A dramatic rendez-vous with a striking beige and white line that divides your room in half.

White, eggshell and wood do not need to be boring. Making frames on the balcony and the library beyond, the wood lets in the light of the outside world and LEDs inside. Dining chairs reflect their lines with their legs, while simple futon sofas provide a place to rest.

You want a little more contrast? These futon sofas, stools and beige chairs add warmth to a gramophone, baskets and a log bench in darker tones. An electric fire illuminates the atmosphere.

Let a line of LEDs make the conversation. Bathed in dark charcoal, the wall, the modern sofa and the wide carpet of this interior are centered on a line of light under the television. The geometric patterns of the rug are related to the look.

Halve your interior. This elevated design features pure white on one side and a mushroom-shaped room on the other. The furniture in simple blocks and the comma-shaped cushions make it possible to color the hero.

A subtle texture can give life to your living room. The alternating wood grains in the cabinets and the floor blend with a modern, lean metal coffee table and a plush sofa, creating areas that differ only slightly. A stack of books adds a finishing touch.

Take your living room on a higher level. The architectural lines of this black, white and gray interior ensure the distraction of the eye, while the shades remain simple. Exposed brick walls, a cotton sofa and wooden floors create a difference in texture.

You do not know how to house your kitchen and your living room? Take a look at this shared space. Using a light gray floor to connect the two, the living room remains white, bright and rectangular; the kitchen bathed in gray concrete. LEDs under the cabinets allow the kitchen to breathe, while a black dining table sets the living room with a vase of white flowers.

Do you want to introduce more color? This minimalist space combines white, black, gray and taupe for an ultra-modern look. A balcony infused with light brings brightness to the home, while rows of ceiling lights and a fake deer head add character.

Play with form and form. The rectangular lines of the sofa, carpet and wardrobes of this living room meet three nesting spheres of coffee tables and Chinese lanterns. The teardrop shapes are reflected in the bulbs and vases with branches.

Design for an apartment? Minimalist hues can add the illusion of space. These gray, white and light woods are framed by lines between the wall cabinets, the outlines of the ceilings and the paneling of the wooden floors. Black joins the party with a flat-screen TV and sliding door frames, like a replica of Eames Bird.


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Create more space by removing furniture. This minimalist living room does it well, with raised sofas and cabinets, a white-ring chandelier and an opposing mirror reflecting the view. The muted coloring leaves room for the potted greenery.

You want a purely monochrome space? The black walls, the suede suede couch and the stenciled coffee table in this side cabinet look less gloomy than large white panels. Two unique floor lamps provide height next to a work of art.

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