Exterior Paint Color Trends

Exterior Paint Color Trends

One of the most important details for an owner’s attention is the visual exterior of his home. Sidewalk calling plays an important role in the value, identity and integration of a community, not to mention a critical factor in maintaining the type of comfort that allows an individual to feel comfortable in his own home.

However, maintaining a beautiful and meaningful exterior goes well beyond painting your home with a color that you like. The change, renovation and renewal of the exterior of the house are so important to keep a house fresh and presentable.


Trending Exterior House Colors

Olive. Infinitely optimistic, fresh and at the limit of heaven, an opal exterior can truly capture the spirit of a house where love, family and tranquility reign. Light-colored roofing is a preferred choice for opal coverings, and bright white details fit in perfectly with this aerial scene. If you’re looking for extra accent pieces, add a touch of lime color with porch cushions, the entrance, or some ferns selected intentionally.

Fall red. Like some of the other colors that demonstrate high visual strength, smoked red is best managed when it is covered in dazzling white details along window panes, corner panels, eaves and railing. porch. As a kind of joker, when you find the perfect tone to complete the smoked red paneling, the result is beautiful and leaves an impression on the spectators.

Carmelized pears. Another great choice for outdoor upgrades this year is the soft lemon coating. When presented side by side with warmer beige colors, the soft lemon changes from a bright, childlike color to a more mature and sophisticated palette. The key here is to find the right balance with this color. Soften sweet lemon by using it in combination with warmer hues.

Diving pool. If you prefer earth tones and a natural aesthetic, green moss may be a great choice for your outdoor renovation project. In popularity this year, Moss Green is perfect for dark gray and cream colors. Unlike beige, pure white is not the best choice to match this unique shade, so opt for understated variations.


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Natural Clay. Conjuring a classic look with a strong neutral tone, such as beige, can transform the exterior of your home into something lively and exciting. When working with this trendy exterior color of the home, the most impactful applications are those that feature bright, contrasting colors used as a visual outline.

For example, frame a rich beige siding with soffit, gutters and bright white corner strips. The roof is another good place to offset the beige coating.

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