Exterior Home Design Ideas

Exterior Home Design Ideas

Outdoor home design ideas are our way to greet the world. It’s the way to tell people what kind of attitude we have. A house is a reflection of the owner and his habits.


Exterior House Colors That Will Look Amazing

In turn, the best combination of colors for the exterior of the house will allow us to highlight elements of our home, giving the viewer a visual guide to what he should appreciate.

If you ask an architect about the use of colors in construction, he will tell you that it’s as important as any other detail. In fact, it is common to use them to hide unattractive elements in the design or to draw users’ attention to specific points.

That’s why we need a little skill with our choice of colors at home. Today we are going to show you some of the best home color options available and the effects this can have on the perception of our home.

General expert advice. Painting the outside of our house does not have to be a race. This is an important decision that we must ponder. We must not only choose a beautiful painting, but also something lasting because it will be exposed to the inclination of nature.

We can not be stingy: if we are not ready to take the investment it represents, we should not change the colors of our house. The use of top-quality paints, such as Behr Marquee’s one-in-one paint and finish, should be our priority.

Poor quality paint will not be good on the walls, and it is very likely that we will have to repaint everything, because it will start to fall when it is burned by the sun.

Seeking to create combinations with the building material: The surface on which we will paint is an important part of the design. The colors and shades must match the brick or stone wall. Even with the latter, we can create models that help them stand out.

A color combination idea for a house’s exterior paint is to contrast the color temperature. For example, if we have a bright red brick wall, we can use a more opaque color for painting.

Technology is an excellent ally: today, it is easy to take color samples so that a professional can give you suggestions. Behr offers programs to help us create color combinations.

We could also take a picture of our house and edit it on the computer to see a preview of its appearance.

What color should I paint outside my home? It’s a complex issue that depends only on what we are trying to communicate. As we said before, the exterior colors of the house are the presentation.

It does not matter if we opt for opaque / neutral tones or for brighter, brighter colors; The important thing is to be able to highlight the virtues of our house. Here are some popular color combinations:

The combination of a dark color like Navy and a light color like Paper White will allow us to play with the sizes of the elements. For smaller homes, the use of navy blue is ideal for creating an environment of comfort. On the contrary, a white paper color, like Coronation, is perfect for entrances and porches, as it gives the impression of being large.

If our home has a large number of profiles, building details and windows, this mix of light colors is ideal. We start with an antique copper base, which we will finish with lighter edges in beige.

Finally, we will describe some details with a darker tone, such as Dark Granite, which will help create a 3D effect between the wall and its other elements, such as windows and doors. The result will be a natural transition between the blue sky, our house and the green grass.

Use a combination of opaque bruises and soft whites to create a sense of tranquility for the viewer. We recommend using Garrison Gray to create very soft wave effects, similar to the waves of the sea.

If the result is too old for our taste, we can add an extra layer of antique white to give it a more modern touch.

Maybe we are not trying to make our home stand out by using noisy palettes. A combination of pastel is also pleasing to the eye and provides a feeling of warmth.

A personal recommendation is the color of the shrimp boat with orange blends, creating a subtle canvas but at the same time with style.

Browns are traditional and excellent options as a house color. They are excellent for natural combinations thanks to the use of greens and whites.

The best thing to do is that we do not have to limit ourselves to natural colors. Brown is quite similar to black, but it does not become so solid, so it shares its properties for blends.

Blue in almost every shade is a universal color. It’s strange that someone hates him, especially because it reminds us of things as impressive as the sky or the ocean. Extra points to his color psychology, since blue has soothing properties.


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The more traditional rustic spaces used green to create a striking effect with the countryside. If we are looking to feel the soft breeze of autumn all year long, this green could be the best option.

One of the boldest options in combining the exterior colors of the house is to amplify the red color of the bricks. We will draw the attention of the whole neighborhood with this strong color. If we do, it contrasts with patterns such as those created by joining blocks of clay.

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