Vaginal porn with a black woman deep in her ass suitable for him

Vaginal porn with a black woman deep in her ass suitable for him

I was sitting in a local tavern, in a chair with a woman kneeling on the floor in front of me, her head under my kilt and my cock in her mouth. I'd pulled it up like a skirt and was close to coming, watching some stranger as he looked, staring at her, listening to her slobbering all over my cock and balls. She sucked my balls for a while then put my cock in her mouth and stroked me with one hand as she rolled my balls in her other. She was very good at it and had no trouble getting me all the way down her throat. Her head bobbing up and down, jamming me into her throat, moaning, fucking me with her mouth as the stranger and my friends watched. When she'd swallowed several times I went off like a cannon, blasting cum down her throat. She'd pulled back and the last stream hit her on the face below her right eye and ran down her cheek to her chin. As it dripped off her chin she'd caught it with a finger and glanced at the guy I didn't know for a moment. When he smiled, she did too, and put her finger in her mouth and licked the cum off. I thought, "What?" Then she put me back in her mouth and cleaned my cock and balls with her tongue and I quit worrying about it. ********** On my way home earlier I'd stooped for a beer with three of my friends. We're all older, the youngest, Steve, is sixty five. Allan and Jim are both seventy and I'm seventy one. The Old Duffers club, I guess. We meet a couple times a week and have a few beers and bullshit each other. We're all retired and widowed or divorced, mine is in a care facility now and doesn't recognize me. It finally got to where all I did was sit and watch more of her mind die. When she finally didn't recognize me any more I couldn't take it and opened a small store selling minerals and Grateful Dead memorabilia. I'd looked and found a partner who was into both. For thirty five years I'd been a computer design engineer then they'd retired me. Now studying geology and talking to customers keeps my mind active. I'd started writing too, after joining a site named Lushstories. I met a few neat people there and discovered I could write things that some seemed to like. I don't drink much but I still enjoy an occasional beer now and again. I'd lived in Germany for two years and had loved a Munich beer, Paulaner. It's hard to get in the US, but I'd found this one local tavern that had it. I'd just finished the second of the two beers I allow myself and was standing to leave when my cell phone rang. I'd been expecting one of my kids to call and as I was walking toward the door, we'd talked briefly. They were driving up for the weekend to visit their mother and would arrive late. About half way to the door a very pretty woman stepped in front of me, stopping me, and said, "Hi." She was slender, had dark eyes that flashed in the bar light and a wide grin on her face. Short brown hair and a slender body that attracted me. Maybe fifty or fifty-five, with a really nice smile looking at me. Her breasts were small, don't know what size because I'd never understood that. I just like women and was never to concerned about the size of their boobs. She did have big nipples though, I could see them poking the front of her top. It was loose and I got a glimpse of them as she moved. I could feel my mouth start to drool because I'd really wanted to suck on them. "Hi, that's a very nice smile, is it all for me? I'm old and I need all the smiles I can find," was my response and she'd laughed, so I continued with, "Wow, neat laugh too. Do you do this for every old dude you run into, or is it just my stand out personality? Maybe my white hair shines like a halo, and my cane?" As I said this I'd turned and postured, striking up a hero's stance. She laughed again and said, "It's you, of course. I like the kilt and you seem like a nice guy. I've seen you before and watched you and your friends. My names Jo, do you dance?" That got my immediate attention and my dirty old mind was seeing us screwing our brains out in my king size water bed later. I said, "My name is Paul and I am very pleased to meet you Jo. Thank you," and held my hand out. She looked for a moment before putting her hand in it. I then said, "Of course I'll dance with you. It would be very rude of me to turn down the request from a beautiful woman to put my arms around her. Kind of stupid of me too." I can be one charming bullshit artist when I want to. At least I'd always thought I was charming. I put her arm through mine and we walked to the dance floor, a small dark area in the back which is seldom used. I took her in my arms, smiling widely then, and we started dancing to Patsy Cline singing Crazy. I liked the old, slow stuff Mike usually had on. Mike owned the place and also filled the hats of bar tender, dish washer, waiter and general ass kicker when needed. He was big and tough. I knew the whole tape and The Platters were next with Only You. Hell, I am 71. Plus you can hold them closer with the slow ones. She put her head on my shoulder and said softly, "I like being touched." When she said that, a very bright light went on in my mind and that water-bed scene I'd imagined became a lot clearer. Her under me, me slamming into her with her legs around my neck and the bed sloshing, riding the waves. It is a full-motion mattress and I loved it. I started pushing my right hand down from her waist to her ass. She wiggled it a little and I grabbed and squeezed it, moving my hand around. She had a nice ass and I was thinking I might get in there before the night was over. I ran a finger up and down her ass crack a couple of times, pressing in and I could feel my finger slip across that little puckered opening. She moaned softly then and said, "let's move to where it's a little darker." As I danced us to a corner I'd seen my friends looking at us, big smiles on their faces, knowing what was going on and happy that I was getting lucky. Then I put her arms around my neck, on my shoulders and started fondling her ass with both hands. I'd pulled her dress up and put my hands on both cheeks and squeezed with my fingers, pulling her into me and my now very hard cock. She wore a thong so I had my hands on a very soft, warm, naked ass. She wiggled and rubbed against me with her front, pressing into my cock and pushing herself up and down along it. She pushed with her feet and pull up with her hands sliding up and I was getting more excited. She pressed harder while sliding down and it almost felt like I was fucking her. I had started worrying about cumming like some horney teenager getting his first rub-off. I'd lifted her skirt then, pulling her into me and turned us so my buddies could get a view. "Eat you're fucking hearts out," were my thoughts as I'd put my chin on her shoulder, grinning at them. I knew they'd like that. The smiles got bigger and they laughed and pointed, talking quietly but never taking their eyes off us, staring at the ass I was squeezing and kneading, showing them. I'd also noticed another guy studying us intently and laughed to myself thinking he's probably jealous as hell. He'd been watching my hands intently as I pulled and squeezed her ass. I'd run my right hand down farther and pushed my fingers between her thighs, gripping her pussy and lifting. She'd co me up on her toes, closed her eyes and moaned louder, his eyes got very wide then and a big grin appeared on his face. The only people in the place by this time were my friends, the guy getting off on watching us and Mike. I was trying to figure out how to get her alone and see what I could get her to do when she said, "Sit down there, where we're blocked from the front door and I'll blow you." When she said that it wasn't just a light this time, a whole bunch of fireworks went off in my brain. Big sky-rockets and my cock was tenting my kilt which Jo stood there looking at, licking her lips. There was a big fake potted plant that I'd always thought was stupid. Now I wanted to thank Mike and tell him it was beautiful. I could see him grinning as I sat, he was leaning over the bar and talking to my friends. They were laughing and she glanced at them and smiled. I thought, "What?" What was this woman after? Was it a come-on from a pro? She didn't look like one and she wasn't acting like one. I've been approached many times by prostitutes and they all give off a vibe, a tension that I'd pick up on, but I wasn't getting that from her. She pulled my underwear to the side and put my very hard cock in her mouth. Taking hold of the shaft and stroking it, squeezing it and lubricating it with a lot of saliva. This must be a favorite of hers were my thoughts, and leaned back, relaxing and letting her do what she wanted. She'd turned slightly to the side and that gave the stranger a better view and, again, I wondered. "What?" ********** As she finished the blow job she cleaned me off and looked at the stranger with a smile. He was rubbing his cock very hard and fast, a huge smile on his face and licking his lips. She had looked up at me then and said, "That's my husband, Dave." I almost fucking fainted. All I could think of for a moment was, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT! He's going to cut my dick off and stuff it down my throat." I had a good old fashioned panic attack that came close to giving me a fucking heart attack. I'd never fooled around with married women. That was very wrong in my book.  When she ha felt me almost jump over the chair, she tightened her grip and held me down, laughing a little and grinning from ear to ear. My heart was revving like a stock car ready to jump the light and I thought I still might faint. She started pumping my cock again and said, "It's okay, he likes to watch. Did you like that? Would you like me to do it again, or do you have some other ideas? Maybe your friends can join in too and I'll do whatever you guys want." Then she continued, licking and sucking me. I had quite a few very good ideas right then and could picture some of them very vividly. Me fucking her bent over a chair while she blows and fists the others. All the positions we could get her into and give her husband a really good show. "Okay," I said, "I'll ask them but I already know the answers yes. What about Mike? He's the bartender and I know he'd be into it too. There's a room back here and he'll lock the bar. He has some video equipment in there and he could film it and give you a copy. He'll spread it all over the internet too, if you don't stop him." She grinned very wide, nodded her head 'yes' and I walked over and told all of them what she wanted. Mike was leaning on the bar and stood, chuckling and mumbling, "God damn, Paul, you are one lucky son-of-a-bitch," as he walked over and locked the front door, flipping the 'Closed' sign outward. The others stood and we walked back to Jo. I introduced her to Steve, Jim, Allan, then Mike when he got back from locking up. Then I took her arm and leaned down, telling her to look back. When she'd glanced she saw Dave standing, still rubbing himself, then smiled and turned back, hugging my arm closer and leaning into me. The room had dimmers for the lights and it's own sound system. An eight-sided card table covered in green felt, and some padded leather chairs were in the center, and another oblong table against the wall. There was a small closet for pillows and blankets, and a full bath because there were a lot of all night card games. I'd been in on a few. It's sound proof, so if you make some noise it can't be heard in the bar. I told her this as I dimmed the lights and started a CD of soft, slow music. I asked her to tell us the boundaries and she did. "No limits. We Can have sex. No anal though, no rimming and no piss. Other than that, go for it. I'll let you guys pick. Hopefully, that gets you started. I'm excited! Thanks, all of you. " Well, that pretty well shattered my hopes for getting any ass that night but I liked everything so it wasn't problem. She'd already blown me but right then I wanted straight sex, a lot of straight sex and I was amazed that I was ready to do it again already. That was fast recovery for me. Besides, I thought, if I could get her hot enough maybe she would change her mind. It was obvious she was getting hotter than hell watching the other four guys, her breathing was getting deeper, her eyes snapping around, checking each one out. And Dave, she was watching him watch her. I think that did more for her excitement than
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the guys really. She'd been hugging me, glancing at Dave, and pulled my right hand down, putting it firmly on her ass. I put my other hand on her ass then and started to dance. As I did I told the other guys to move the card table and chairs to the side and bring the other table to the center, also to get a blanket from the closet. They did and brought back a couple, plus three pillows as Mike set up the video and started taping us. They covered the table with a blanket and put one pillow on the edge and the other two like a nest for her. I asked her if she was ready and she glanced at Dave. A little nervously I thought. Dave looked at her and nodded his head but very slightly. I stood back a little then, and started to undress. The other four guys started too, and she stood there, staring as we took our clothes off. Again her eyes were trying to see everything at once, jumping around, staring at each cock as it appeared. When Steve's cock flipped out of his shorts, her eyes almost popped out of her head. He was our super-stud and had an eight inch cock that made us all look like little worms. I'd never been envious of that, but right then I kind of wished that she'd looked at mine that way. Wide eyed wonder with a lot of anticipation and outright lust. We'd all gotten naked and our cocks were waving around and all she did was stand there with her clothes on, staring at us. Mostly at Steve's huge erection. I was trying to figure out how to NOT be Tail-End-Charlie after that monster and finally said,"Okay. She approached me first, so I get to be first, if that's all right with you Jo?" She nodded and I stepped to her, taking the hem of her top and started lifting it slowly, dragging it across her nipples and gave her a little kiss as I did. When it came over her head I tossed it to the side and took her left hand and placed it on my cock. Her eyes got wider, her face just relaxed and she gripped me tight. I smiled and said, "After I cum we take turns, whatever combination Jo wants until she calls a stop. Then we all get dressed and go home. This is all about her and Dave and if we do a good job maybe we'll be asked back. Jo will decide the order too, unless you don't want to," I said, looking at her. She just looked back at me, starting to stroke me softly. They all nodded and stepped back, forming a circle around us. Dave took a place standing behind them, watching all this with a smile on his face. He was getting what he wanted. Her mouth opened a little with surprise as I took her right hand and kissed the palm then put it with her other hand on my cock. Her eyes got wide again and she'd tightened her grip and started sliding both hands back and forth along my shaft, staring into my eyes. By then I was dripping like crazy and was very slick, it felt like a very tight pussy right then. Her eyes were darker, they looked like a dark hazel color but the whites were what I mostly saw. They were very wide open. Still popping around, looking at everyone but mostly she'd been ogling Steve's very rigid eight inch cock. Steve stepped up and stood at her back, reaching around and pinching her nipples, puling on her tits. I could see his hips move and I felt her push into me harder and I knew he was rubbing his giant cock between her ass cheeks. Her face was wide eyed with her lips open in an 'O', a very surprised look right then. But I knew she liked it because the moans got louder and she was panting. I could feel her breath on my face. She'd been gripping my cock, holding it so the head was pressed into her crotch. When Steve pushed into her my cock slid between her thighs and along her pussy, and she bucked like she'd been shocked. She gripped me tighter with her whole crotch and I worried about coming to quickly again. She had a little hair there but not much. It wasn't shaved and I liked a little hair to frame around it. She'd glanced at Dave but he stood there with a tight little grin on his face, rubbing the front of his pants slowly, hard. I nodded Steve away, turning her and laying her face down on the blanket covered table, her hips draped over the pillow on the edge. The table was just right for her height and she lay flat, but tilted her ass up, showing us her pussy, shaking and breathing harder. She clenched her muscles and we could see her pussy and asshole squeeze shut and then relax. Her cheeks tighten then relax as she shuddered and squirmed. I stepped up to her and put the head of my cock at her opening and pushed slowly into her. God, she was tight and very hot. It felt like her body was twenty degrees hotter than mine as it slid down my cock. She moaned, tightening her pelvic muscles and lay her head to the side as I stroked in and out several times. The feeling was like she was squeezing me with her hand again, tight but much smoother. It pulsed around my cock as it moved in and out. Slow strokes, pushing in as she tightened and then dragging it out quickly as she relaxed and got ready for the next push. I looked and Dave was staring, wide eyed, his jaw slack, almost drooling as I was sliding slowly in and out of his wife. When I started pumping faster he licked his lips with a very wet tongue and I wondered if he was going to eat her when we finished. I wanted to see that, if it happened. Maybe I could fuck her face while he did that. I started slamming into her, pushing her until her feet came off the floor. She lifted them then, curling her legs around me, pounding my ass with her heels and making me go faster. Then she had a massive orgasm. She literally wailed at the top of her lungs, screaming and convulsing. I don't know how I kept myself from exploding too. I yanked myself out then, jumping around to her head, shoving my cock into her wide open mouth. I wanted her to be sucking me when I came. Her head was in the right place and when I got there she raised it, looked up at me and stuck her tongue out. I laid my cock on it and she closed her lips as I pushed hard straight into her throat. She reached around me, grabbing my ass, pulling me hard until I was all the way into her. Grasping me, squeezing hard, and I thought she was going to drive her fingernails into my ass. Damn, after she'd done that a few times, I started to move my hips myself, fucking her face and throat. "When I cum I'm going to pull back until just the head is in your mouth and I want you to suck as hard as you can," I'd managed to gasp out. She looked up at me, nodding her head as much as she could my cock buried in her throat. Then she swallowed hard, I pulled back and with just the head in her mouth, her sucking like crazy, I went off like Mount St. Helens when it blew more than twenty-five years ago. She'd sucked hard and the feeling of cumming was almost painful. It was like a fire blasting out of my cock that I wanted to go on forever. I think I almost fainted again it was so intense. I hadn't cum like that since my wife stopped having sex more than five years before. When I came, one of the guys was pushing on my back, holding me up. I don't remember which one. I pulled slowly out and she cleaned me with her tongue, squeezing out a little more as she did and wiped it on her lips. She turned her head head, looking at Dave, grinning from ear-to-ear and saw him rubbing himself with a big smile. She'd nodded her head and turned back to lick me and rub me on her lips a couple more times. He approved, so she was free to do as she wanted, and she really wanted to get fucked by then. I stepped back and asked her, "What next? Do you have anything you really want?" She responded with a strong, "Yes! I want that huge cock in me while I suck another and jerk-off two more at the same time. It's been something I've wanted since Dave asked me to do this." Then reaching harder and staring wide eyed at Steve's huge cock she said, "I've never had a cock that big before." Again I had wished I was bigger. "Ah, fuck it you asshole, you just blew her head off and now your jealous? Butthead!" were my thoughts and I smiled and stopped thinking about it. Then the party really started and we all took turns. I'd never done that before, so it was a new experience for me. Watching as Steve slid his monster into her, slowly as she grunted with each new inch he gave her. When he was all the way in, he stopped and let her get used to it before he started thrusting. She lay there, twitching and moaning, grunting with each thrust and Jim stepped up and offered her his cock. She opened her mouth but her head was snapping around as Steve started pounding into her. He took her head in his hands, steadying it and pushed himself into her. He's not quite as big as me and she had no problem with it. Allan stepped up to her side and put his cock in her left hand. She squeezed it and he started fucking it. I started to feel myself getting ready again and put her other hand on mine and started doing the same thing. She said she wanted this and Dave was getting very excited too. When she finally came again, her scream wasn't quite as load as it had been with me and I kind of gloated about that a little. She just opened her mouth and Jim pulled out while she did that and when she stopped he slammed back in, and came vey quickly. She sucked him hard and he closed his eyes as his head fell back when he came, moaning and shaking. Other than some porn videos I'd never seen anyone get a blow job. "Wow! That's what I look like when I come." I'd thought and as I was watching Allan came too. She'd been squeezing and stroking him. I didn't come again, but I was loving what she was doing. We spent four hours fucking her. We all got blown a couple of times and fucked her silly. I came once more too. I had her face up on the table as I slid in and out of her. She was staring at me intently and her eyes seemed to glaze over and I knew it was NOW and I came again. I hadn't done that three times in one day in over fifteen years. She'd just kept having orgasms until finally calling a halt saying she was exhausted. Watching her try to get all of Steve's cock down her throat was wild. She tried very hard but couldn't make it all the way. She was shaking and quivering when we stopped. We got washcloths and towels from the bathroom and cleaned her first, washing her gently with the warm cloths and then drying her with towels. She loved it and let out appreciative sounds as we did it. She had watched Dave all the time we were cleaning her and he just kept watching us as we handled her. Caressing and fondling her as we did. Kissing her, licking a nipple, sucking gently, bringing her down slowly as she watched Dave watching her. She'd been covered in fresh and semi-dried cum. Her hair was sticky with it and we'd cleaned up as much as we could. I washed her pussy and ass, taking my time and enjoying it. She did too and had another small orgasm as I dried her off. She did kind of wiggle a little more as I'd washed her ass, pushing the washcloth almost inside, so maybe there was hope. As soon as we were cleaned up and dressed she took my arm and walked out the door. She asked if I had a business card and I gave her one from my store. When Dave came out she gave me a big kiss and said, "Thank you very much Paul. I had a wonderful time and I know Dave did too. Maybe we can do this again some time. Maybe find a few more guys to join us. Dave would like that." Then Dave shocked me by reaching out and shaking my hand, saying, "Thank you." That was such an amazing experience I don't think I'll ever forget it. Hell, I know I won't. This guy was a gentleman who really loved his wife. Jo was a very lucky woman. I don't know if I'd have ever been able to do that and I'd adored my wife for forty-three years by then. That was several weeks ago and I'm looking forward to a call at my store one day soon. Maybe she'll just walk in. I don't know. All I care is that I'd had a great time and her and her husband did too. I was hoping Dave would come too, I'd liked him a lot. I've contacted a couple more old duffers like me and so far can count on nine that'll be glad to give them what they want. That includes Mike too, because he said the video was a real hit on the internet. Maybe by the time they call, I'll have the tenth. Hell, maybe Jo will recommend us and we'll get some calls and can start a service. Wouldn't that be a fun way to go. Jo and Dave would always get freebies though. Man, what a fucking ego I have some times.

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