Publi24 Dating With Romance Escorts From Sibiu Fac Xxx

Publi24 Dating With Romance Escorts From Sibiu Fac Xxx

Chapter 1 Angela dared not move for a couple of reasons; she had definitely felt something stretch very taut when Lorraine pushed her down and yet she was once again in a state of arousal. Any movement could cause further stretching or make her cum. While she was in need of a release, she knew not to let herself cum until she was given permission. Even though the room was quiet and seemed empty, she had no way of knowing for sure if someone was still there watching of if there was a camera on her, either being monitored by someone, or actually taping her. At one point, she had thought she heard someone taking pictures, so taping was not beyond the realm of possibility. She was glad Lorraine had come to see how she was doing. She would report her behavior to Michael and he would see she was learning her lessons well and would become the perfect pet. She would do whatever he bid her and she would not ever need training or discipline again. After a while, she heard the voices of the men returning to the room. “I see you have been cleaned up and your Mistress told us about the dildo you are sitting on. That is good. You are finally learning some self control as well as learning that your only limits are in your mind. You have come this far and discovered the pleasure that is given to you when you are obedient, so you will be taken to the next level. Once again, you may not cum. Nod if you understand.” Angela nodded. Arms on her shoulders rocked her back and forth a few times putting pressure in her ass from the dildo. Waves of pain and pleasure coursed through her body and she almost came. Then she felt herself being lifted up while someone held the dildo to prevent it from coming out. She heard some noise, then she was being lowered. Hands were on her pussy, opening her lips and guiding her onto a cock. Her lower legs were bent behind her so she was now kneeling on the cushion. She was told to put her arms behind her back and grip her elbows in her hands and lean forward slightly then to start riding the man’s cock. She felt her arms being tied in position. She had never in her life felt to full, but did as she was instructed. The dildo was still being held in place, but was now being moved in and out as the cock was moving out and into her pussy. Another person began flogging her butt cheeks and back with some type of flogger. Yet another set of hands began slapping and pulling at her tits. Angela was fighting to control the orgasm that was welling up inside her and hoped she would be given permission to come very soon. The man began pushing his hips up and fucking her faster and faster, while the person fucking her ass matched the speed. Angela felt she could not hold back any longer when suddenly something was pressed against one of her tits and a shock was sent through her. It lasted less than a second, but had the effect of completely stopping the orgasm. The fucking began again and she soon found herself ready to cum again. This time then device was pressed against her other tit. This was repeated several times, with the device used on a different sensitive body part each time, and each time stopping the orgasm just before it started. However, she was beginning to find the shocks stimulating and felt another one in the right place would send her over the edge rather than stopping it. At one point she felt the man tense up and cum inside her. She was picked up again, and another man slid in below her. She was lowered on to his cock and the whole thing was repeated all over again. Just when she thought she would never be allowed to cum again or possibly be able to cum again, she was finally given permission. A thumb began to rub her clit as the pace of the cock and dildo increased. Suddenly her whole body stiffened and jerked as she exploded, releasing all the built up tension inside her. As she continued to spasm, she felt the man in her pussy cum. The dildo in her ass was pulled out in one stroke, and another man climbed behind her and stuck his cock in her ass. Although she had been stretched open wide, she soon felt her muscles tighten around him and could feel him fucking her then he too ejaculated in her. She was picked up again and lowered onto yet another cock, and another man came up behind her and entered her. All this fucking was giving her one orgasm after another so quickly, it almost seemed like one very long orgasm. Finally, one of the men spoke. “Your training is over for the day. You have done quite well. I do believe your Master will be quite pleased with the results. Someone will be here shortly to take you to him. I believe you will be joining him for dinner. You may begin responding when you are spoken to by a Master or Mistress.” “Thank you, Master.” Angela was very pleased with herself and happy to know that Michael would be getting good news about her. As she stood up, she felt the cum in her ass and cunt flowing down her legs, but dare not say anything about it. There was a knock on the door and one of the men guided her to it and led her into the hallway. Once in the hallway, her blindfold was removed and she saw that the man standing there was one of the porters that had been taking subs away after the auction. He attached a leash to her collar, untied her arms and told her he would be taking her to the dining area. Before they entered the dining room, she must get down on her hands and knees as he led her to her Master. “Yes Master.” “I am not a Dom. You may simply address me as sir.” “Yes sir.” “You must keep your gaze lowered and not look at any of the Masters or subs or anyone else we pass.” “Yes sir.” The uniformed man led her back to the elevator and back down to the main floor. As soon as they stepped into the main lobby, he told her to get down on her hands and knees, then he led her past the check in desk and to the dining room. There were a number of people in the lobby area and Angela was suddenly quite embarrassed at her state. She was naked, marked with the stripes of the flogging and canings she had received, on her hands and knees and being led around on a leash, and she could feel the cum still dripping out of her ass and pussy. She was quite sure her hair was disheveled and her makeup a mess. To top it off, she had the tattoo on her buttock. Chapter 2 As he led her into the dining area, she noticed many other subs crouched on the floor at their Master’s feet. Each one had a dish in front of them and they were eating it as an animal might. Some of the food on their plates and bowls did not look very appetizing, but Angela suddenly realized she had not eaten since lunch on Friday, and she still had no idea of the time of day or night or how long she had been here. The dining room was crowded and noisy and she could not tell without looking up whether all the subs were eating this way. They finally stopped at one of the tables and the porter handed her leash to Michael. He whistled at her and signaled her to sit on the floor at his side. She crawled over and sat back on her heels. Michael patted her on the head. “You’ve been a good little whore with a nice gaping asshole, and taking every man that wanted you without complaint. As a reward, I have ordered you a meatloaf plate for your meal. You must be hungry by now.” “Yes I am, Master. Thank you, Master.” Angela noticed that the other sub at the table was eating what looked like a bowl of mush and kibble. Michael must be very pleased to have ordered her real food and she assumed that when it came she would be able to sit at the table and eat it. When the waiter came with the tray, however, he placed a bowl on the floor in front of her with food that was almost unidentifiable. The meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas had all been mashed together and gravy poured over the top. It looked congealed like it had been sitting awhile. “There you go, love. Enjoy your meal. Remember, no hands.” Michael patted her head again, then went back to his conversation with the other people at the table. Angela was dumbfounded and just stared at the bowl for a minute. That was just a little too long for Michael as he suddenly kicked the bowl away from her, sending it flying across the floor and spilling some of the contents. A busboy hurried over to clean it up, but Michael held a hand up to stop him. He stood up, grabbing Angela by the collar and dragged her over to where there was a pile of food on the floor. He took his hand and pushed Angela’s face down into it. “Now see what you have made me do? I am tempted to make you lick up his mess instead of this overworked busboy having to clean it up. And just when I thought you were ready to be obedient. I just don’t know what to do with you anymore. I am going to have to think about this for a while.” He signaled a porter over and handed him Angela’s leash, then turned and walked away. The porter walked away at a very fast pace and she had to move quite quickly to keep up with him. She was getting scrapes and rug burns on her knees from moving so fast. They got into an elevator and this time, the elevator went down. When the doors opened, they were in a basement area. The porter led her to a room where at least twenty other pets were curled up on small cushions on the floor. Most were sleeping, but a few were just sitting on their cushion looking around the room. He led her over to an empty one and attached her leash to ring on the wall, then walked off. Angela looked around, then crawled onto the cushion. The room was cool, damp and musty. She noticed a bowl of water next to the cushion, and realized just how thirsty she was and proceeded to lap up every drop. She was hungry, cold, tired, sore, and now Michael was angry with her once again. Tired finally won out and she curled up trying to get as warm as she could and she finally drifted off to sleep. It seemed like she had barely fallen asleep when someone was kicking her cushion. It was another porter who undid her leash and walked her out a side door which led to a small courtyard. Angela could tell it was daytime, but the small courtyard was entirely in shadows so was quite cool and it was raining out. They were under an awning, but he pointed to the grass and undid her leash. “If you have to go, do it now. But you are to remain on your hands and knees. You are not permitted to stand or squat. Now go. You have two minutes.” Angela crawled over to the darkest corner she could find, but the porter kept watching her. She stayed on her hands and knees but spread her legs apart as far as she could and leaned back resting on her heels, but kept her hands on the ground. She forced herself to relax and finally felt a stream of urine flow. Though she did her best to avoid it, some of it ran down her legs. At least the rain would wash some of that off as well as some of the cum that was still quite sticky. When she was done, she crawled back over to the porter who returned her to her cushion. Angela was even colder than before, and now she was wet to boot. Her stomach was growling with hunger and her head was beginning to ache from the shivering. Her body was cramping up from trying to sleep curled up on a small cushion and she did not even think she had slept very long. Thinking about the time, she figured she must have spent all day Saturday and into the night in training. It had to be sometime on Sunday already; there was no way it could still be daylight on Saturday, but then again, she really had no concept of how much time had really passed. While she was trying to warm herself up, a man came in pushing a cart holding a number of bowls. He walked up to each cushion, said something to the occupant, then placed a bowl in front of them. When he reached her, he asked if she was Angela. She nodded and he pulled a bowl from the bottom shelf of the cart, placed it in front of her, then walked to the next cushion. Angela looked at the bowl and realized it was the meal from the dining room. Michael must have had them save whatever was left in the bowl so she could be given it now. Angela looked around the room and saw all
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the other pets eating their food without using their hands. By this time, Angela was so hungry, she no longer cared. She leaned down and gobbled up the food. Her water bowl had been refilled, so she washed the food down with about half of the water. Sometime later, a porter came and unhooked her leash, leading her out of the room and back to the elevator. He took her to another hotel room, led her in and unhooked her leash. “In the bathroom, you will find a water enema bag which you are to use to cleanse your rectum and a douche for your pussy. A razor has been provided for you to be certain you have no stubble anywhere. When you are done with that, you are to shower thoroughly using the soap and scrubber provided. A toothbrush and some mouthwash are also there. When you are done, replace your cuffs and then you are to wait in that chair, you are not to sleep, read, turn on the TV or do anything else. Nod if you understand.” Angela nodded. The porter left the room and she heard the lock click. She immediately began to stand up, then thought Michael might be watching, so she crawled into the bathroom. The enema bag was hanging on a pole with instructions on what to do. She followed them and when she was done, used the douche to clean her pussy, then brushed her teeth vigorously, trying to get the taste of the food from her mouth. Then she turned on the water in the shower as hot as she could stand, staying in there and scrubbing every inch of her. When she dared stay no longer, she got out and dried herself off, then went out and sat down in the chair Chapter 3 After what Angela estimated was twenty minutes. The door opened again and Joseph walked in carrying a fold up table and pulling a large roller bag. He said nothing to her, but set the table up next to the dresser and opened the case removing all his tattoo equipment. “Come over here and sit down.” Angela got up and sat down on the table. Joseph swabbed the back of her shoulder with some alcohol. Angela pulled her shoulder away a bit, then remembered her hesitation with the food and Michael’s displeasure. “Michael has ordered several more tattoos for you and wants them done as soon as possible. This is going to take awhile, so settle in.” “Yes Master.” Joseph proceeded to tattoo something on her shoulder, then covered it with a large bandage. When he was done with that, he told her to put her arms behind her back, and swabbed one of her tits. Angela could not see what he was putting there because his hand blocked her view, and as soon as he finished, he also covered it with a bandage. “Lie down on your stomach.” “Yes Master.” Joseph poured some alcohol over Angela’s other butt cheek and lower back, then began working on her. He worked for quite some time and Angela thought the tattoo had to be quite large as she felt Joseph working on the cheek and at least six inches onto her back. “”That one is done for now, but it will need additional work in a week or two. Turn over.” “Yes Master.” Angela turned over onto her back. Joseph took one leg and pulled it off to one side of the table and tied it down, then did the same thing to the other leg. Angela was getting a little scared. Why would she need her legs tied open? Where was this tattoo going? But then she thought that Michael must have forgiven her or he would not still be getting her tattoos to make her more beautiful. The question of where was soon answered as Joseph poured more alcohol over her inner thighs and pussy lips. He worked for quite some time tattooing something that covered the inner thighs and both pussy lips. The process was painful, but Angela dare not let it show, so she just bit her lip and endured the pain. She just kept telling herself it was because Michael loved her and wanted her beautiful. “Okay, that is it for the tattooing for now. Like I said, there is more work needed on the one tattoo, and Michael has mentioned a few more he may want for you. There are just a few more things left to do.” Joseph removed the rings from her nipples and replaced them with what looked like little barbells. However, these were considerably thicker than the rings and Joseph first used a tool that was tapered to widen the hole, but still had to force them through. Angela was determined not to cry out and bit harder on her lip, but tears were falling from the corners of her eyes. Then he told her to stick out her tongue, which he proceeded to pierce and put a stud in the hole he had just made. “Michael loves the feel of a stud rubbing against his cock when he fucks someone in the mouth. He does this for all his pets.” Joseph’s last statement hit Angela like a ton of bricks. ALL his pets? She wondered what Joseph meant by that. Did he mean past relationships? She had convinced herself that he was doing all this because he loved her and was just trying to make her a better person and show her what she was capable of. That he wanted to show her how strong she really was; to give her more confidence in herself and make her a better salesperson. Had he not told her if she stayed with him, he would help make her successful? “You may go sit back down in the chair and wait for Michael. I will let him know I have finished what he wanted done today. I think he will be quite pleased with it.” “Yes Master.” Angela got off the table and went back to the chair. Joseph packed up all his equipment and left the room. Chapter 4 A few minutes later, the door opened and Michael walked in. “Stand up.” Angela stood up and Michael walked over to her. He pulled the bandage off her tit and examined the tattoo and the new bars in her nipples, then turned her around. He touched her shoulder and buttocks, tracing the tattoos. “Sit back down and spread your legs.” Angela did as she was told. Michael bent down and looked at the tattoos, then smiled at her. “Joseph did very well. The tattoo on your buttocks needs additional color, just as the first one did, but I am quite pleased with it for now. I was told you finally ate your food this time without hesitation. I was unsure of what to do with you and that was a test of sorts. If you had not passed it, I am afraid I would have had to pass you on to another Master. I had almost reached the point where I thought you did not love me and that is why you continued to disobey me. I am pleased to know I was wrong.” All Angela heard was Michael was glad she loved him. That surely meant he loved her too. Everything would be okay now. She had proven herself and would need no further discipline or training. Whatever pain and humiliation she had endured this weekend was all worth it. “Stick out your tongue.” Angela stuck it out to show him the stud. Michael said nothing, but unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock which she had noticed had been getting hard. He grabbed her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. She took it in eagerly and sucked him off. He controlled the pace by guiding her head up and down his shaft pushing it in until his balls were slapping her chin. She twirled the stud on her tongue around his shaft; she felt his cock grow hard and could feel the pulses as he shot rope after rope down the back of her throat. Michael wiped himself off and zipped up his pants. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Michael opened it and a waiter pushed a cart in, then left. He pushed it over in front of her and removed the covers from the plates. There were scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast. Another plate had a stack of pancakes covered in syrup. There was a large glass of ice water and another of orange juice. Before Angela could do anything, Michael told her to put her arms behind her back where he clipped the cuffs together, then tied them to the back of the chair. He put a straw in both glasses. “Enjoy your food. I will be back in fifteen minutes and I expect your plates to be licked clean.” He turned and left the room. Angela was very hungry again and though she did not understand why right now, just knew he was doing this for a good reason. After all, he loved her. She dove into the food and ate it all, stopping only to take the occasional drink of water or juice. In ten minutes, it was all gone and she thought about what Michael has said. She looked at the plates and leaned down to lick them both clean. She had barely finished when Michael came back into the room, this time leading in one of the male subs that was on his hands and knees. Michael unzipped his pants again and pulled out his cock, then walked over to the sub. “Show this slut how to give a decent blow job.” The man opened his mouth and Angela could see three large studs in his tongue. He took Michael’s cock into his mouth and soon had it hard as a rock. Angela could clearly see the cock pushing down into the man’s neck. Finally Michael pulled his cock from the man’s mouth and moved behind him. The sub straightened his legs, leaving his hands flat on the floor and his ass in the air. Michael shoved his cock into the sub’s ass and immediately began pounding him. The sub’s own cock grew hard and swung back and forth with each stroke. Michael finally pulled his still quite hard cock out and began stroking it. “Undo her, then get the plug.” The sub walked over to Angela and untied her arms from the back of the chair, leaving them cuffed together, then went to the nightstand and pulled out a very large butt plug. He put it in his mouth and wet it with his saliva, then turned around so Angela could see and pushed it into his ass in one movement. He went over and lay down on the bed, and began stroking his cock. “Go over and sit on his cock.” Angela got up and climbed onto the bed, straddled his cock and lowered herself all the way down. His cock was long, but only of average girth, so after what she had been through this weekend so far, she had no problem doing that. Michael slipped out of his pants and came up behind her, sticking his cock into her ass. Both men began fucking her and after a short time she could feel Michael cum inside her. The action of two men fucking her was getting her aroused, but as soon as Michael came, he pulled out of her, then undid the cuffs on her hands. “Go back and sit down in the chair. Play with your tits and clit, but do not cum.” He looked at the sub and nodded. The sub raised his legs over his head until his cock was in his mouth. He began sucking himself. Michael went into the bathroom and she could hear him cleaning up. He came back out and sat down in another chair. “You both may cum now. You have one minute.” Angela heard the sub moan and within a few seconds he pulled his cock out of his mouth and shot his cum all over his own face. Angela had worked herself so she was close, but it was taking longer than she thought to bring herself to orgasm. Finally she felt the orgasm start just as Michael said time’s up. She removed her finger from her clit, the effect of which stopped the orgasm mid spasm, but she continued jerking and pretended to cum so as not to displease Michael once again. In the meantime, the sub was using his hand to clean his face, wiping it, then licking his hand. “You may go.” Without a word, he got up off the bed and crawled out of the room. Michael got up and pulled the covers down and got into bed. He pulled the covers up over him. “You may come and sleep on the bed at my feet.” Angela got up and climbed onto the end of the bed. Michael leaned over and gave her a pat on the head, then turned off the light and was soon snoring away. Angela was very exhausted and soon fell asleep as well. Angela awoke to find Michael pushing her legs up over her head and putting his cock into her pussy. She was instantly aroused again. “Beg for it. Beg me to fuck you and make you cum.” “Please Master. Please push your cock deep inside me. Fuck me hard and fast. I want to feel you cum in me and cum with you.” Michael pushed in a little further, then stopped. “Please, push it in me, deep inside. Fuck me hard and please - don’t stop!” To be continued…

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