Gabriela Has Sex With A Client To Buy Her House

Gabriela Has Sex With A Client To Buy Her House

The next morning I was both afraid and embarrassed to leave my room. I didn't know how I was going to face Melissa and I was worried about how things were going to change between us.As I lay in bed worrying about these things, there was a knock at my bedroom door."I'm coming in," Melissa informed, not asked. There was an awkward moment between us, but she came over to my bed and sat on the edge."Listen, I'm sorry about last night. I was harsh and I shouldn't have been. It's just that I put so much work into trying to get you and Victoria together and when I realized that my time was wasted I got angry."I was still embarrassed, but I felt the sincerity in her voice."You know that I'm new to all of this, I didn't know about Victoria's...'preference', it didn't occur to me at all. It's not something that I even thought to think about. I was so worried and focused on the little things...""Not ALL the 'little things'," she joked glancing down towards my penis.I turned beet red."Aww, I'm sorry. It was just a little joke. Oops, sorry I didn't mean 'little' joke, I meant silly! It was just a silly joke!""It's not funny!" I said probably revealing my bruised ego."I'm trying to apologize here, don't get pissy with me! Listen, I'm sorry about last night. In my defense, I worked so hard to set things up with Victoria and I was so happy for you! My virgin friend from high school was going to get his first bit of pussy, and it was going to be with a model no less! And then you dropped your pants I knew that I'd been wasting my time. I was furious and my anger got the best of me. Anyway, I'm sorry and I hope we can still be friends?""Of course Melissa! I owe you so much and I want to thank you for everything that you did to help me, not just with Victoria but everything since we've been friends. Don't feel too bad about me not losing my virginity though, as I said last night it was just a first date - it's not like we were going to do it.""Actually, you were.""What?""I kinda mighta told Victoria that you were a virgin.""WHAT? Who else knows?" I was in a bit of a panic."Calm down, just Victoria. I had to tell her so she took it easy on you and didn't 'spook' you being as aggressive as she normally is. She's never been a guy's first and thought that it was hot. She was totally going to fuck you after the concert. Her parents are at the cottage for the weekend, you probably would have been getting it all weekend long."My heart sank thinking of the possibilities and missed the opportunity of a lifetime."Well, maybe it's not too late...if she thought it was hot then maybe she'd still be into it..." I was scrambling.Melissa looked down towards where my groin area was under the sheets. "No Grey, it's not going to happen. Not now, not ever. Not with her," she said matter of factly.The realization was crushing to me. I can't believe that I had a chance to have sex with one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen in my life. Not only was that not going to happen, but now she also knew that I was a virgin. I was going to be embarrassed around her and have to worry about her telling our other friends too.Melissa interrupted my thoughts."As much as I am sorry, you need to understand that wasn't trying to be mean to you Grey. I'm actually looking out for you. Isn't it better that what happened last night happened between us and not between you and Victoria? You would have been SO humiliated if you pulled that thing out for her. A normal girl would have been put off, but Victoria is used to huge black cocks. She was willing to go with you being a virgin, but a small penis too? No way. She assumed you must have had a big cock, we both did - why else would you go for a girl like that? However embarrassed you were with me, trust me - I saved you from much worse from her.""I suppose so." I paused to reflect for a moment. "I thought that she was such a nice girl though, she seemed different from the others.""She is a nice girl, don't judge her because she loves big cocks. Just because she's nice doesn't mean that she doesn't want to really feel it when she's getting fucked. Being a size Queen and nice aren't mutually exclusive, Victoria is both."I was afraid to ask but couldn't prevent myself. "Is mine really that small?""Well, it's not tiny but isn't exactly big either.""Average?" I asked hopefully."No, it's smaller than average. It's "cute". That's better than gross, right? Maybe one day you'll find a woman who doesn't mind little penises or something?""Why are you calling it my 'penis' now? When you were charting my orgasm control you always called it either my 'cock' or my 'dick', but since you saw it last night you've only referred to it as my penis. How come?""Huh, I didn't notice really. It's subconscious I guess. 'Cock' is something that I crave, I want 'cock'. I want to get fucked by a 'cock'. I want to suck a 'cock'. I associate 'cock' with something that I lust after. In my mind 'cocks' are big. 'Dick' I guess is average. You know, like sometimes if a guy is cool I'll suck his 'dick' or let him stick his 'dick' in me. Penis is something else, like non-sexual. There's nothing really desirable about a 'penis', it's just a thing. No woman has ever said, "I can't wait get rammed by that penis." Penises are just kinda there, definitely not for fucking."I think that Melissa's mind drifted a bit as she got caught up in her answer to my question and forgot that she was actually talking about me before she snapped back to the present."Oh but umm, like I said I'm sure that some girls don't mind penises. I've also heard that sex isn't all that important to some women, like a churchy girl or something?"Her attempt to make me feel better fell flat."Or maybe you can get a penis pump, maybe they work?" After pausing for a minute she added "Notice how it's not called a cock pump or a dick pump? It's the penises that need the help!"It was another blow to my ego, but I had to laugh.---Over the next few weeks, things more or less returned to normal between Melissa and I. The one most notable change was how much more open she was about talking about her sex life with me. She was never exactly shy about it, but now she was going into detail like she never had before. When we went out to the club we played a game she called 'Cock or Dick'. She'd point out a guy that she'd slept with and I had to guess if they had a cock or a dick. She didn't have sex with penises so that was never an option. Often playing the game would end up with her telling me all out her encounter with the guy and after I while I realized that was the true purpose of the game. It was an excuse for her to tell me about her wild fuck sessions with all these different guys. Other times when she brought a guy home it became a regular morning-after ritual for her to tell me all about what they'd done the night before - as if I hadn't been listening to them and beating off the whole time. I eventually asked her why she was suddenly more expressive about her sex life with me."Well, now that I know about your penis situation I figured that sex for you is probably just going to be masturbation - not real sex - so I'm trying to help you out, give you something to think about when you whack it."She was pitying me, and the worst part was that it was I needed it. My favourite times to masturbate were either when I listened to her fucking a guy in the room next to me, or the following day after when she'd tell me all about it. I'd let her give me all the juicy details then wait for what I thought was a respectable amount of time after our talk and head to my room and jerk off. Apparently, I hadn't been as subtle as I thought that I was."You're blushing!"She could see how em
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barrassed I was. Not only that, but her words about how sex for me was going to be masturbation hurt, because I had a deepening feeling that she was right. I was approaching 20 years old and was still a virgin. It hadn't happened for me yet, and that was before I had a complex about having a small penis. Finding out that the girls in our circle of friends expect a big cock made it all the worse for me. I hadn't even attempted to approach a woman in a club since Melissa opened my eyes to my little problem."Oh come on, don't be all shy about it. You masturbate instead of fuck and I try to help you out by giving you things to think about when you're doing it. That's a good thing isn't it? I mean the me helping you part, not the you not fucking part. That part is sad.""Melissa! You're not helping!""I am, you're just too embarrassed to admit it. You're all embarrassed because you're uncomfortable, but you wouldn't be uncomfortable if you didn't always try to hide things. Tell you what, why don't you pull it out and give it a tug right now?""Melissa, I'm not going to masturbate for you.""You did it before and I saw the load that you shot, you can't tell me that you don't want cum like that again! Trust me, it will be good. Pull it out and stroke it for me.""No Melissa." I wanted to do it so badly. Just the thought of stroking it for her was getting me hard, but I also didn't want to risk more humiliation. I had to stare at the floor to avoid her charms."I can see your stiffy through your pants, stop acting like you don't want to. It will feel good, stop denying yourself. It's ok!"Melissa really knew how to tempt me, she also knew I always ended up doing what she told me to. It was only a matter of time."Listen, we both know that you're going to give it a tug today, at least once right? What's more exciting, you alone in your room hiding under the covers trying to convince yourself that I don't know what you're doing or pulling it out right here in front of me? Look at me Grey"I looked up at her. I knew I was doomed."I know how hard I can make you cum. I want to make you cum. Pull your penis out, now" she said firmly but reassuringly.I gave in. I stood up and undid my pants, and reached my hand inside."No, I want to see it. Do it properly, pants off, underwear off."I did what she said and stripped down, fully exposing myself."Good boy," she said with a smile. I stood facing Melissa as she sat on the couch in front of me "start" she said.I began stroking my penis for her. Unlike last time, I fought the urge to look away from Melissa. It was embarrassing, but it also felt so good! I was thinking about the sex she had last night. I masturbated in my room while I listened to her getting fucked the night before, but now I was in the room with her and I imagined what it would be like to fuck her."That's it," she said with a smile, licking her lips slowly and seductively."You're thinking about last night aren't you, the fucking that Richie gave me?""Yes," I admitted."You played with yourself last night too, didn't you?""Yes," I repeated still stroking."I know you heard us fucking, but before that could you hear me sucking Richie's cock? Did I slurp it loud enough for you to hear?""Yes, I heard everything"Melissa smiled at me "Good, because I was trying to be loud for your benefit. I knew you'd be tugging away on your little guy - just like you are now. When did you cum Grey? Did you cum when I was sucking on Richie's cock or did you make it until he fucked me?"I was honest. "I came listening to you give him head."She looked proud of herself. "Was it a big load?""Yes""You'd like a blow job, wouldn't you?""Yes," I said again, my knees buckling at the thought of it."Look at my lips Grey, imagine if you had a real cock and my pouty lips were wrapped around it, sucking it and slurping on it like a greedy slut."I didn't like her making fun of my penis, but I was too excited to try to stop any part of what was happening."Imagine me down on my knees in front of you, desperate for your cock, my eyes looking up at you begging. 'Can I suck your cock?' 'Please, I need it in my mouth.' 'Pleeeease let me suck your cock, I'll do anything if you just let me suck your cock please?' 'I'm so hungry, please feed it to me'"My penis was throbbing. Melissa's words to me now echoed what I'd heard her say to Richie last night. She smiled watching me stroke, enjoying the effect she was having on me."When Richie left here this morning, my lipstick was smeared all over his cock. He had one more load to give me so I sucked him off again before he left. He doesn't have to imagine anything Grey, he knows. Don't you wish that you had a big cock like Richie's? Then you wouldn't have to imagine it, you'd know too. If your penis was as big as his cock I'd suck it right now."That was it for me and like last time I shot a giant load all over the place. Arches of cum shot from my penis as my knees gave out and I nearly fell over. This orgasm was better than the last one I had in front of her, and I hoped that the next one would come a lot sooner."Wow! Nice load! Hurry though, clean it up!"After cleaning things up, Melissa called me back into the living room."That was a good orgasm, wasn't it?""Honestly, the best I've ever had""Awesome! I'm glad you said that because I wanted to propose something to you.""What's that?" I asked."I think it would be best if you only masturbated when you do it for me. No other time, ever. Not matter what."It came across as more of a demand than a proposal."From now on, I don't want to see your bedroom door closed and no more long showers. It's for your own good. Masturbation is sex for you virgin boy, and I don't want you to ruin it by doing it too much. We'll make it special for you this way. This means no more stroking it when I'm not around, and no more stroking it when I'm getting fucked either - you wait for the next day and do it for me."I didn't want to tell her how much I didn't want to give that up, but these orgasms that I was having with her were the best I'd ever had and I wanted more like this."Think about it, from here on out our sex lives will be linked. Every time a man fucks me, you'll get to put on a little stroke-show for me the next day. Whenever I have real sex, you get to have your version of sex the next day. That's kinda hot, isn't it? I don't know of any other virgins who are that lucky. Mind you, I don't actually know any other virgins haha!"As usual, Melissa had a point. As much as I liked to masturbate, I probably did it too much on my own and it was always better when Melissa was involved. I'd really miss stroking to the sound of her getting fucked, but if it meant doing it in front of her and cumming like I just did it might be worth trying. Besides, she had sex often enough where I'd still get to cum quite a bit - and maybe I could talk her in to some bonus sessions or something."Ok," I agreed, not really feeling like I had much of a choice. That was the nature of Melissa's control over me."No cheating," she said. "If I see a little load shoot out of your penis I'll know what you'be been up to without me and I won't be happy."And from that day forward there was a new rule in our house. I was only allowed to masturbate if Melissa watched. She definitely made it worth my while. The intensity of the orgasms that I had performing for Melissa were way more powerful than when I was on my own. Melissa had fun with it too. She kept trying new ways to excite me and made mental notes of anything that she did or said that made me shoot a bigger load than usual. This is how I discovered a fetish that I didn't know that I had, and one that would change the nature of our relationship once again.   

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