Black fucks his nice mistress hard with her tight pussy

Black fucks his nice mistress hard with her tight pussy

It is Friday morning 7:00 am. I drive up to Joyce’s house in my friend’s 1959 Ford Galaxie 500 Sunliner. It is a hardtop convertible. I put the top down for two reasons; it is a warm day and Joyce loves the wind in her hair as we drive. Her long blond hair always looks beautiful blowing in the wind or spread around my lap as she gives me a blowjob. Joyce is waiting outside for me excited to be going on this weekend. It is all she can talk about. To her friends she tells them it is four days of fun and sun. To me she says it is four days of fucking and sucking. I love her mind. She is bouncing up and down on her toes she is so happy. She plants a big wet long kiss with tongue when I get to her door. Her mom smirks at her show of affection. I take her suitcase and put it in the car. We kiss her mom goodbye getting the usual warnings; drive carefully, don’t get too much sun and behave yourselves. “Mom if we behave ourselves we won’t have any fun.” Joyce quips back. I laugh. We both wave as I drive away. Joyce is playing with the radio, trying to find WORC 1310 the local Rock and Roll station. She finds it and turns it up loud. She slides closer to me puts her arm on the seat behind me with her hand on my left shoulder. Her head is on my right shoulder and her mouth and tongue are in my right ear. We haven’t left the city yet. I don’t know if I can hold out during the three hour drive. Traffic is heavy because everyone leaves early to go to the cape to get maximum beach time and find a place to stay. We don’t care about beach time and we have a place to stay. We travel down the Mass Pike to route 128 south. The closer we get to the Bourne Bridge, traffic is heavy but moving. Joyce turns her body to me and starts kissing my ear and licking my neck. I keep driving but I am getting a real big hard-on in my shorts. My shorts are loose and boxers can’t contain my rising shaft. Soon my cock is laying down my leg poking out from under the end of my shorts. Joyce grabs my cock to cover it. “Can’t let this hard cock go to waste and besides it needs protection from the sun. It would be very difficult to explain how your cock got sunburn but you didn’t.” She teases. I rise up off the seat so she can push my shorts up to release my whole cock. Joyce is licking her lips. A couple of trucks go by blasting their horns at the sight. She has pulled my cock and my balls out of my shorts. I look down and Joyce’s hair is splayed in my lap and her lips are wrapped around me. She is kissing and sucking on the tip of my cock while her hands slide up and down. I want to grab her head and stop her, but I am driving and need to pay attention and her lips feel so good on my cock. I do grab her head but I push her down on my shaft making her take it all the way in and down her throat. I can’t get enough of her mouth. Every time she pulls back I push her down. She is deep throating my cock and I love it. She is gagging every time I push into her throat. Saliva is running out of her mouth drenching my shorts. My cock is throbbing from hitting her throat. I am growing bigger. As I am thrusting in and out of her mouth her hands are caressing my balls and sack. I am feeling a little overwhelmed and stop. Having her mouth completely take my cock, feels so good. I feel her love for me in every thrust. I give her a reprieve from my cock so she can kiss my balls. When she puts her mouth around one of my balls I feel like I am going to explode. While she is caressing my balls with her tongue and mouth her hands keep busy on my shaft. I wouldn’t want it to go down. She is amazing. More trucks are going by with their horns blasting drivers cheering. After 15 miles of moving down the highway, she wants more and resumes deep throating me again. I feel her throat and it is contracting around my cock. I feel her pulling, sucking and stroking trying to stimulate a larger discharge and harder driving stream. I feel the rush coming and spray streams of cum down her throat. She voraciously swallows each strand and cleans me up with her tongue afterwards. She gently tucks my cock back up under my shorts. She sits up with a huge smile on her face and we kiss. What a way to drive to Cape Cod. “It’s too bad you are wearing shorts. Or I could return the favor.” I tell her. “That is easily solved lover.” She counters reaching into her beach bag on the seat next to her. She pulls out a tennis skirt and puts it on over her shorts. She takes off her shorts and panties too. She turns towards me again with her legs open presenting me with the most wonderful view of her pussy. Staring up at me is the most beautiful blond curls covering her glistening mound. I always drive with my left hand because you never know when your right hand will be occupied. Joyce takes my right hand and guides it to her mound. It is so wet. I rub my hand around it trying to watch the road. More trucks go by blasting their horns. Joyce waves to them. My hand is busy rubbing up and down her slit. The wind is drying up her wetness. I have to move faster to keep her wet. I spread her lips and she moans in my ear. “That feels so good sweet heart.” I rub a little harder. She moans “don’t stop.” I move my thumb up to flick her clit. She squeals. No need to worry about wetness now. I push one finger way inside her. She whispers in my ear. “That’s it my love, right there.” I push in and out hard. She is bouncing thrusting at my hand. I add a second finger and she really starts to bust a move. We go another 15 miles and she explodes in a loud screaming moaning orgasm. I pull my hand out and she grabs it and quickly sucks it clean. “Oh there’s nothing like the taste of fresh cum in the morning.” She laughs. She gets closer and kisses my ear and says. “Thank you lover, I really wanted and needed that. Now I can last until we get there.” She is such a little minx. I love her for that. Just think some lucky man will marry her one day and get what I am getting all the time. I am such a lucky man. I look over at her. She has a somewhat quizzical look on her face. She bends over and whispers in my ear. “How about we give the truckers a treat and fuck while we drive?” “We can’t do that but there is a truck stop ahead where we can put on a nice show for the truckers.” “Ok, let’s do it.” Joyce exclaims. We turn off the highway into the nearest truck stop. We park near the rows of trucks. A few of the drivers get out and walk over to us. They are cheering and clapping and congratulating us on a good moving show. Joyce stands up and bows. I move over and stand up and bow. I proceed to strip Joyce. Not to be outdone she strips me. My cock is rock hard and standing proud. Some of the drivers point and say. “They’re going to do it here. Let’s gather around and watch.” The truckers circle the car jockeying for the best view. Joyce starts to sit in my lap facing me. Her pussy slides over my cock and she starts bouncing up and down. I keep meeting her stroke for stroke. The truckers are cheering us on. We rise to the occasion. After 10 minutes of cowgirl lap dancing, Joyce stands up with her ass pointing at my face and her body over the top of the windshield. Her pussy is inviting my cock to enter. I push all the way into her and she grunts. We continue this way for about 9 minutes and I feel her contract as she tries to hold me inside her. I feel the rush in my balls again as I am ready. I spew my streams of cum inside her pussy and her juice mixes with it all. We each let out a big scream. “I’M CUMMING!” We stop and all the truckers clap, cheer and whistle. Each one of them comes over and thanks us for a wonderful show. This for most was the best road trip they ever had. I know Joyce and I thought so too. We get over the Bourne Bridge and I turn off the highway into a gas station. This car gets 8 miles to the gallon. I join the line at the pump and Joyce goes to the ladies and into the store to get us some Cokes and chips. Gas prices are high on the Cape at 23.9 cents a gallon. I better conserve. Once we are there we can walk to everything. The house is on the ocean and town shopping is 3 blocks away. It is only 20 miles to go, but those miles are going to take over an hour in the traffic. We eat the chips and drink the sodas saving the bottles. They are worth 5 cents and refillable. Joyce is resting her head on my shoulder again playing with the radio. She is bored but starts to nibble on me again. I am in trouble now. My cock is answering the call to duty and Joyce knows it. She puts her hand down on it and pushes it. It bounces back at her. She giggles, thinking this is great fun. She wants to play and play she does. She is going to get it when we get to the house because I am randy and quick. To get even I slide my hand up her thigh and gently tease her mound. She’s not giggling now. The giggles have changed to soft moans. “Not fair.” She whispers. I chuckle. “All is fair in love and war. This ain’t war baby.” She pouts. “I want your cock inside me and I can’t wait. Can’t you find some secluded spot and pull over? I got to have you now.” She pleads. “We have 5 miles to go sweetie. You’ll just have to wait. Do you want me to stop my touches?” I chide her. She grabs my wrist and holds it near her throbbing pussy. I guess that tells me NO. We get to the house. I remove the bags from the car and carry them to the door. We ring the bell and wait. We hear scurrying from inside. The door opens and there stand Kate and Nancy topless and wearing just their panties. They pull us quickly inside and close the door. As we walk in they remove their panties. Joyce and I look at them with questioning faces. They say in unison. “When we are alone inside our house we are naked. We expect our guests to be naked too. So get your clothes off.” “Where is our room?” Joyce asks. Kate says. “We decided that you and Joyce will stay in the house with us. Some friends may come down this weekend and we will give them the guest house. We will all sleep in the master bedroom. The bed is huge.” Joyce pipes up. “We need to use the bed NOW! I am so horny and the blowjob and fingering did not satisfy either of us on the way down here. We gave a show for a bunch of truckers at a truck stop too. That show only made me want to fuck more.” Nancy quips. “Can we watch? I want to see this young stud in action. From what Kate has told me he is well hung and knows how to use his tool.” Joyce replies. “I have no complaints about his tool and use of it. He has a great tongue and fingers too. Yes you can watch. If you are good I might even share.” Nancy smiles at me licking her lips. Kate is looking in my direction with lust in her eyes. I think I am not going to get much sun this weekend but it will be pussy galore. Joyce and I follow Nancy to the master bedroom. The bed in the room is the size of two king beds. It looks as if it was made to house an orgy. A person could get lost in it. I am standing fully erect because Kate had a hold of my cock as we walked to the master bedroom. Joyce lies down on the bed. I climb up and over to her. I roll her over and pull her up on her hands and knees doggy style. I push my rock hard cock into her wet pulsating pussy. She moans “Ahhh.” I start pushing in and out hard. She is rocking with me. The walls of her pussy are holding onto me. Nancy and Kate sit on either side of us watching. As we get into a fast rhythm Nancy crawls under Joyce’s face heading for her pussy. Nancy has her pussy in Joyce’s face. Joyce dips down and starts munching on Nancy. Nancy lifts up and starts munching on Joyce’s clit and slit around my shaft. I feel a hand grab and caress my ball sack. It is gentle at first but as I continue pounding Joyce the hand grips tighter. The hand is soon replaced by a pair of warm wet lips caressing me. The lips are urging me to cum. I can feel Joyce’s pussy getting tighter around me. She is ready to explode. My cream is building and I feel it start to flow. Nancy is starting to cum too. Kate has fingered herself to orgasm as well. We all explode together. All that can be heard are screams and very loud moans. We all fall on each other in the bed well spent. It turns out that Kate and Nancy are lovers. They are bisexual. Joyce has never been with a woman except this first time. I have never had more than one woman at a time. This was a real surprise and a treat for Joyce and me. I get up off the bed and get the luggage and bring it into the room. Joyce, Nancy and Kate are sitting with legs crossed Indian style talking about what they plan to do this weekend. I am listening but not paying too much attention. Whatever they want to do I am up for it. I am just a big swinging dick for their enjoyment and if I get satisfied along the way that is a plus. Each of the women’s pussies is glistening with the wetness from our sex. It is a magnificent sight. I whistle. They look at me and smile. They are all happy ladies. I am one very happy man. Kate and Nancy get up and off the bed. They announce that they are going to make lunch and it will be ready in 30 minutes. They look over at my rising cock and change it to 45 minutes. Joyce starts to smile. I jump on the bed and walk on my knees to Joyce. I grab Joyce and kiss her full and hard on the lips. Her mouth opens and our tongues duel to possess the other. I win. We break the kiss and I push her face down at my cock. Her mouth opens and I shove it in. She gags as I hit her throat. She recovers quickly and starts sucking me hard. Her mouth is moving up and down my shaft. Her mouth stays towards the tip with her tongue wrapping around. One of her hands is busy on the lower shaft moving up and down. Her other hand is caressing my balls and the sack around them. I am growing in Joyce’s mouth. Her mouth is closing in around me holding me tight. She pulls me deep inside her throat as I erupt spewing streams of cum down her throat. She gobbles it up. She continues to suck on me milking all of my cum. She pulls me out of her mouth and shifts her and my position. I am lying on my back with my cock pointing straight in the air. She swings one long beautiful leg over me and impales herself on my cock in her pussy. Her pussy is still wet from my earlier onslaught. She rides me up and down. I stretch my arms and reach her tiny breasts. They are small mounds but her nipples are huge. When they are erect they point out about 2 inches. I grab each of them in my hands and tug on them. Joyce moans and moves faster on me. Her pussy walls are closing in on me and I can feel her orgasm coming. I am not ready but I am not going to stop her. She cums and juices flow out of her. She does not stop either. She rides me for another 10 minutes and I feel my come rushing up to explode in her pussy. Just as I release she has a real hard orgasm that results in her squirting on my stomach and my balls. She falls off me well spent. “Lunch is served” comes from the kitchen. We roll over and over to get off the bed and go eat. Nancy and Kate have set the table and uncorked some wine. We are all eating and drinking wine getting ready for the afternoon. Joyce announces that she is a little tired from the morning drive and sex sessions. She and I will stay and get some much needed rest to be ready to party tonight. Nancy and Kate are disappointed but nod OK. Joyce and I finish our lunch and go back to bed. We lie together and cuddle. As we are cuddling Joyce starts moving her hips against my cock. She can feel me growing. She is giggling. I slide my hand down to her pussy. She is soaking wet. I have never known a girl who was wet all the time. I push her over onto her stomach. “Not again, I won’t want it doggy style. I want to see you when you are inside me.” She groans. “I am not going to fuck you in your pussy. I am going into your ass as punishment for stirring me up with your hips and ass.” I snarl. She giggles. “Oh boy, I like that prospect.” I am ready. I pull her up on her knees. She pushes her ass in the air. I grab some of her juice and spread it around her butt hole. She moves with my lubing. I put my cock on her pussy to get it lubed. When I am done I move up to her butt and push my cock in. She grunts as my head breeches her entrance. I push all the way in and she sighs with a little moan. I start pushing in and out hard. She is pushing against me to get me way inside. I keep sliding in and out of her until I feel my cock stiffen prior to spewing my stream. I drive in one last time and dump my load deep inside her ass. She lets out one load moan and accepts my load. I pull out and turn her around so she can lick my cum off my cock. She skillfully moves her mouth and causes me to stay hard and erect. She continues to suck me until she is satisfied I am ready to fuck her again. This time she lies on her back with her legs spread and her hips pushing her pussy up. I get up on my knees and put my cock at her entrance and enter her in one big push. She grunts again but stays with me. I push in and out of her hard, ramming my cock home. She is grunting with each thrust. Her pussy is grabbing me and trying to hold on but I am moving too hard to stop. I feel her pussy getting ready to cum and I am ready too. I make one last hard deep plunge and we both explode with our juices mixing. We both moan loudly and stay tightly together until we recover our breaths and I fall out. Now we lay side by side holding hands, with our heads together getting much needed rest. I am going to need it to keep up with three horny oversexed women for four days and nights. Heaven help me. Kate and Nancy come back from their food shopping fun. They come in the front door put down the groceries and strip naked. They pick up the food and take it to the kitchen and put it away. They come in the bedroom and wake Joyce up. I was laying there watching Joyce sleep. “I need something from a drug store.” Joyce says. “We can go together.” Nancy quips back. “OK. Kate and Cal can stay here. They don’t need to come along.” Joyce replies. I smile at the prospect of having Kate all to my
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self. She is 5 years older than I am and a hell of a lot more woman. My mind is plotting what I want to do with her. My cock is rising just with the thoughts. Kate comes into the bedroom where I am laying on the bed. She is bending over with her fine ass pointing at me. Her ass is superb, well rounded and firm. Just below her ass, her pussy is big and glistening. Before she can stand up I am putting my hands on her ass and working my way to her pussy. “Well you are a randy one aren’t you? Joyce raves about how good you fuck her. She said I should try you out, but it looks like you are coming to take me on. Do you think you are man enough to satisfy me?” Kate challenges. Being bold and macho, I reply. “I will take you and make you extremely happy and wobbly. When I am done fucking you. You will know that you have been fucked.” “Bring it on.” Kate challenges. I pick her up. She screams and puts her arms around my neck and her lips on mine. I carry her over to the bed and when our lips part, I throw her down. I jump on the bed beside her and kiss her some more. I push hard on her lips forcing her mouth open allowing my tongue easy access. I push my tongue into her mouth as deep as it will go. She sucks on it and I pull it in and out like a small cock. He tongue is wrapping around mine and pulling it in and up. We are dueling with our tongues. So far I have the upper hand. While our lips are locked in battle, my hands have been roaming around her body. I am squeezing her huge breasts and they are really hard. Her nipples have erupted from her tits and are aching to be pulled, kissed, sucked and bitten. I am ready to do it too. I take her nipples between two fingers and pinch them lightly and pull them up and away from her breasts. Kate emits a low groan from her occupied mouth. Our tongues are still working at each other. I break the kiss, she groans in disappointment. I leave a trail of nibbles and kisses from her lips over her chin, down her neck, over her collar bone, into her cleavage and onto her right breast. She is constantly moaning. So far I am winning. My mouth replaces my hand on her breast and nipple. I pull the nipple deep into my mouth sucking on it hard. Her hands grasp the back of my head and push it hard against her breast holding me there. I bite her nipple, her hands release. I move to the other breast and take that nipple and suck on it real hard. She grimaces and smiles (pain and pleasure). She reaches down to grab my cock, but I move away. She starts pouting like a petulant child who lost a toy. I move my hands down her sides and roll her over. Her bum is sticking up in the air, I take a couple of whacks at it and she cries out but not too loudly. Her cheeks are turning a nice shade of pink and she is squirming under my hands. I spread her ass cheeks and see that juice has all ready moistened her butt hole. All I have to do is insert my finger there, which is exactly what I do. When I insert my finger she cries “Oooh!” As it goes farther in she gasps “Aaaah.” Once I have one finger all the way in I start to pump her ass. I move that finger in and out. I let down my guard and she seizes my cock. She is holding on for dear life like a child with their favorite teddy bear. Her hands are moving up and down on it not hard but a gentle caress. She feels like she is waiting for me to finish with her ass. I pull my finger out of her ass and move it in my mouth and suck all her juice from it. I roll her over on her back and spread her legs roughly apart. She is smiling in anticipation of my next move. Instead of going right for her pussy I lift up her leg and suck and kiss behind her knee. This sets her off moaning loudly she is moving her hips up and down. I can see juice flowing from her pussy wetting her curly blond hair. Her pussy lips are swollen and separated. Her clitoris has escaped its hood and is waiting impatiently for my mouth or my hand. I slowly trail my fingers lightly up the inside of her thighs tickling her as I go. She is letting out little moans as I move. I get closer and closer to her mound and she stops moving in anticipation of my arrival. I bend down and kiss her thighs as I put my hand on her mound. I lower my lips to her mound and kiss the fine blond curls. She moves her mouth to the tip of my cock. As her mouth opens to kiss my cock, I push forward impaling her on my cock. She gags as I hit her throat. She does not stop. She wraps her mouth around me and starts pumping on my cock taking me deeply into her throat. To help I push as hard as I can into her. She is good and has had a lot of practice giving blow jobs. I am in the mouth of a pro. She is sucking and kissing real hard and effectively. I am having new sensations I have never felt before. She draws me way in and holds me there while her throat pulses on me like milking a cow. She is working to draw out all my pre cum and swallow that. It doesn’t take long after that I shoot a big load of cum down her throat. She is gurgling and sucking every bit of it down. She licks my shaft and smacks her lips, with a smirk on her face for a job well done. She continues to work my cock so I will be ready when I need it next. I have licked her pussy pretty dry now. I have opened her lips and licked inside. I am moving up the slit to get at her waiting clit. It is a rather large one standing erect. I grab it with my teeth making sure not to hurt it. She moans and groans with pleasure. As I hold her clit in my teeth, I am flicking it with my tongue. She is going wild and a lot more juice is running out of her pussy. I release her clit and go sucking and licking up this fresh juice. I plunge my tongue deep inside her pussy to get more of her juice. She has spread her legs wider to make her lips open more for easy entry. My cock is raging from the workout she gave it earlier. I point it above her pussy ready to plunge it hard into her. The tip is just between the inner lips and she moves her hips up and captures me in her pussy. I push hard into her and she screams in pleasure. I ram it home and pull it out and ram it back in again. I keep thrusting hard into her. Her head is rolling from side to side and her hips are keeping up with my movements. I feel the walls of her pussy closing in on my cock. She is getting ready to let loose with a large orgasm. Up until now there have been many small orgasms with juice coming out. My cock is ready to blast its load deep into her pussy. I pull almost all the way out hold there for a few seconds and push my cock in as hard and as fast as I can getting deeper into her than I had earlier. Just as I bottom out against her cervix I release several streams of cum. Her pussy joins my cock in filling up her love hole with our juices mixing them thoroughly. Nothing has leaked out. I am still hard and looking to push my cock in her ass. Kate knows that I will be going into her ass next. She bends down and cleans off the juices from her pussy. I am glistening from her saliva ready to push it home in her ass. She gets up on her hands and knees waiting for me. I spread her cheeks and see that there is plenty of juice there. No need to stop I take a measure of the task and push right in all the way to the hilt of my small sword. She gasps and breaths hard. I start moving in and out slowly but she moves faster. She wants me pumping her ass real hard. I get the message and drive my cock home in her ass. She wants more and tries to hold me inside. I struggle and pull out. She groans in disappointment. I immediately plunge in fast and hard. She gasps out loud and I feel good. I am winning this woman over to my style of fucking. I feel her ass tighten up and my balls are getting ready to blast again. I explode in her ass and quickly fill it up. As I pull my cock out of her ass, a lot of fluid escapes. She was really full of cum. She rolls on her side and reaches for my cock again. She proceeds to lick it clean and dry. I roll onto my side with a satisfied smart ass smirk on my face. “Go ahead smirk all you want. That was by far the best suck, fuck and ass fuck I have ever had. Now I see why Joyce does not want to share and keep you all for herself. She better watch out, because when the girls find out, you will be in great demand.” Kate exclaims in a well satisfied voice. She rolls into my arms and pulls them tightly around her. “You are mine for right now. So don’t even think about getting out of bed.” We kiss and cuddle playing and teasing each other. She would put her hand on my cock as if to stroke it but pull it away like a virgin at her first time when it reacted. We were laughing and having a good time. Joyce and Nancy walked in. They came and sat on the bed with us. Kate sat up and looked directly at Joyce very seriously. I saw Joyce’s expression change to one of dread. “Joyce, darling you had better share this guy with me while you are here. He is a master at fucking and sucking. I have never been fucked and sucked so well in all my perverted days. You better hang on to him. He is a treasure.” Kate said with great praise I laid there smug and grinning. Joyce hugged her sister and came over and put her arms around me and kissed me hard on the lips. She pulled back and smiled. “I am glad you liked him. I love him to death. He makes me feel like a woman whenever we are together. While we are here you may partake anytime he is not in use. When we leave, you will have to get my and his permission to fuck him. Is that clear?” Joyce replied. “That is crystal clear thank you Joyce.” Kate rapidly replied. I was glad that was settled, because I like fucking Joyce but Kate was in another league. I wanted to further explore what Kate could do and become part of her world or at least on the fringe of it. Nancy was looking a little down as we talked. I asked her, “Are you all right with this?” “Yeah I guess.” She replied. “It’s just that I like women with an occasional man in the mix. I like you but I have not experienced you yet and I am curious about this fascination they have with you.” “You want to try now?” I asked quickly. “No, I am a private person and when I am with a man it is a very personal thing. Maybe when Kate and Joyce are gone we can hook up.” She replied softly. I went over and put my arms around her holding her tenderly. I put my hand under her chin and lifted he head towards mine and gently brushed her lips with a kiss. I felt her swoon in my arms and I knew she was growing more serious to try me on. That would come later, but the prospect was exciting me and I could see the lust building in her eyes. It was approaching dinner time and I felt pretty grungy, after all the sex I had today. I grabbed a towel and headed to the shower in the master bedroom. This shower was huge. It was all glass walled with 5 shower heads. The shower had a bench along the walls that were not glass. I hung my towel outside and went in and turned the water on. I adjusted the heat of the water and stood letting it cascade down my body. Joyce walked in but only used the toilet and went back to talk with her sister. Nancy came in and hung her towel next to mine. She got in the shower with me. “Now is as good a time as any to try you on.” Nancy said happily. My cock sprang into action. Nancy looked down and her mouth fell open in surprise. Tentatively she reached out and held my cock in her hand. She was stroking it very softly afraid it would break. “Stroke it harder. Squeeze it tighter. You won’t break it.” I said. She grabbed it tighter and moved her hand faster. She was enjoying this. It must have been the first cock she has touched. She got on her knees and looked at it with fascination. She looked up at me as if to ask can I kiss it. She moved her lips onto the tip and kissed it softly. She was smiling now. She opened her mouth and took it in. About half way in she stopped. I could feel it getting into her throat. She started to move her head back and forth along my shaft. With each push in it went a little deeper. Soon I was fully lodged in her throat and she was sucking me like a pro. Her throat was undulating around my cock like fingers on a cow’s udder. I thought my head was going to blow off it felt so good. It didn’t take long and I felt the roaring of all my senses focus on my cock. I was going to bust a load. I said. “I am cumming, do you want to take it in your mouth,” She nodded and I pushed several streams of cum down her throat. She took it all and swallowed it. When I was done she stood up and put her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the lips. My cock was still hard and knocking on her pussy door. I sat on the bench and she came and sat facing me in my lap. My cock was between us and she grabbed it again and started stroking it. She was satisfied it was hard enough; she rose up slid it down and into her wet hot pussy. She was so hot and so wet; I had no trouble burying it to the hilt in her. She started bouncing up and down on my shaft varying her speed. Her pussy was very tight and it was clenching and unclenching my cock. I was feeling so turned on. It was almost like fucking a virgin. She was moaning loudly and moving around. She started to go faster and her body was racked with several small continuous orgasms. Her juices were flowing out and onto the shower room floor. She stopped for a few seconds to catch her breath. When she started up again she was like on a mission to capture my cock and hold it hostage in her pussy. The only way to get it back was to deposit as much cum as I could in her pussy bank. She was poised on the edge of a huge orgasm and I could feel her building up as I built up too. We both exploded moaning and spraying juice in her pussy. I had to hold her up as she swooned and nearly fell off my lap. She put her arms around me again and kissed me hard. She stood up and pulled me up with her. She grabbed the soap and proceeded to wash my whole body from top to bottom. Her attention was marvelous. She did not leave a single area untouched. I started to wash her. I got all lathered up and washed her back, down into her butt. I paid special attention to her butt hole making sure it was really clean. She was wriggling at my touch. I moved down the back of her legs paying attention to the backs of her knees. She almost swooned again. I washed her calves and her feet. I came around front and washed her neck and ears and face. I washed her arms making sure I felt her elbows and kissed them. Next I laved up her breasts. They were small but very sensitive. I washed over them and under them, pulling on each nipple to get them erect. She was breathing hard now and I bent and kissed them after they were rinsed off. She clamped my head onto her breast and would not let it go. Her body shook as she was hit by a wave of orgasms. I moved down over her stomach paying homage to her navel. I washed down her thighs bypassing her mound and pussy. I washed her knees and the front of her lower legs. I quickly laved up my hands again and gently caressed her mound of light brown curls. She let a long loud moan escape her lips. I saw juice run out of her down her legs. I moved her lips apart and moved a soapy finger up and down. She was shaking again. I uncovered her clit and washed it very carefully. Again she moaned. I moved two fingers down to her love canal and washed all around the entrance. I pushed my fingers inside her and was met by a gush of juice as it flooded out. My cum was mixed with the juice and I could see the strands falling to the floor. I grabbed a bottle of shampoo and proceeded to wash her hair. I massaged her scalp and made sure that I did not miss any hair; I rinsed her thoroughly and added some conditioner as well. She was now completely fucked and clean. I shut the water off and turned to her and bent and kissed her. She wrapped her arms around my neck again and this time she jumped and wrapped her legs around my waist with her pussy on top of my cock. “Can we have sex again today later?” she whispered in my ear. “I now understand why Joyce and Kate are enamored of you. You are a fantastic lover and I want you again and again. More than I have ever wanted a woman.” I replied. “I am yours whenever you want me. We will tell Joyce and Kate that you like privacy and want to be with me alone. How does that sound?” “That is great for now. Maybe later I will let them watch or take part but for now it is only you and me.” She replied demurely. I smiled and carried her out of the shower. We toweled each other off getting us turned on yet again. We crawled up on the bed and fucked like rabbits one more time. When we were done we went out to the kitchen to get our dinner. Nancy was all smiles and Kate and Joyce took note. “Kate and Joyce, he is better than you both touted. He has convinced me that having sex with a man is not something to fear. It is something marvelous. For me now women come second as long as I can find a man like Cal.” She exclaimed. We all smiled. We sat and ate dinner and discussed what to do tonight. Friday nights were not the big party night so we opted to stay in after making a run to the packy for some beer and soda and rum and whiskey. We were going to have our own little party. We partied all the way until 2:00 am when we all crawled into our huge bed. We were happy. We had all sucked, fucked and came together. Joyce was really happy that Kate approved of her choice of me. Kate was happy that she had me to herself and got fucked in all her orifices. Nancy was happy that she got a taste of a real man and found she loved it more than woman. She still wants women but she’ll take a man as well. Joyce was happy that she got to get fucked whenever she wanted with no fear of discovery and she proved to her sister that she was just as good at it. Me I got to have three women all to myself and I was so fucked, I really need the sleep because tomorrow is another day and if I know Joyce and Kate, I will be very busy. I hope their friends don’t come until late in the day. I don’t know how many woman I can service in one day. Maybe I will get to find out. Stay tuned more is coming on part 2 Saturday.

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