Man Of Choice Ridden By Beautiful Blonde With Pink Pussy

Man Of Choice Ridden By Beautiful Blonde With Pink Pussy

Joe came over Friday night at around seven o'clock. Erika opens the door wearing a white shirt/dress. Joe sees dress and smiles. He follows Erika into the living room, his eyes never leaving Erika's ass. The shirt/dress clings to her ass and the material inches up with every other step Erika takes. By the time Joe sits on the couch, the shirt/dress inches up all the way to her edge of her ass. She hands Joe a beer."Nice dress," Joe says as he pops open the beer and takes a sip."Yup.""Nice panties," he says and Erika blushes. She moves her hands in front of her crotch. "Yup.""Like the pattern on them. Nice frilly dollies."The dress material is thin and in the right lighting very transparent. Erika turns a little red and her eyes dart around the room. She tries very hard to avoid eye contact with Joe."I don't think that dress is meant to be worn in public.""Nope.""We're going out aren't we?""Yup.""You are a sick fuck," Joe says and laughs.We chug down the beers and left the house. Twenty minutes and ten miles later, I pull into a parking lot of a restaurant Joe and I come to often. 'Fook Yu Chinese Cuisine'. Despite the hilarious name the restaurant had good food and drinks. We walk towards the restaurant with Erika leading the way. Joe and I follow behind her, our eyes glued to her ass. With every other step Erika takes the dress inches up. Erika pulls the dress down a few times during the brief walk from the parking lot to the front door.The restaurant is a little crowded as we make our way past a few table to an open one with three chairs. The men at the tables we pass by eye Erika and pause in mid-action. The women at the tables see Erika, and make a disgusted face then snap at their men for staring. We walk past a couple at a table where the guy sees Erika and drops his spoon spilling his soup on the table. The woman sees Erika and mouths the word slut just loud enough for us to hear then yells at his date for being a pig.I see three male waiters shoving each other to be the first one to assist us, but another waiter beats them to us. He pulls out Erika's chair and says, "Welcome to Fook Yu."Erika quickly sits down.The waiter gives us a menu and recites the specials of the night. His eyes never leave Erika. The light at the table is just right and the waiter can see Erika's white lace bra. The bra, interestingly enough, is also semi-transparent. The waiter messes up the specials a few times and starts all over again."What would you like to drink?" the waiter asks Erika with a big smile."Mojito," Erika says softly not making any eye contact. She can feel his eyes leering.Joe and I also place our orders and the waiter disappears.I reach into my jacket pocket, pull out a remote. Press the ON button and set the setting to low."You're going to love this place. The food is good and the drinks are great," Joe says to Erika.But Erika wasn't listening. She shifts her weight, grabs the table cloth and bites her lower lip."What's wrong with her?" Joe asks me.I smile and show him the remote. Joe takes it and says,"Is this what I think it is?""Yup."Joe flips the setting to medium and Erika cringes more. Her breathing gets a little heavy and she clenches the table cloth more, twisting the cloth in her fists."Oh god," Erika whispers.Just then the waiter comes with our drinks and appetizers. He stands for a few seconds watching Erika whose trying very hard from moaning out loud. "Are you OK miss," the waiter asks.Joe and I smile, and take a sip of our drinks."Ye-yes," Erika manages to say and quickly takes a sip of her mojito.I take the remote from Joe and set the settings back to low after the waiter leaves."This needs some hot sauce," I said."I'll ask the waiter," Joe says."No, it's OK Joe. Erika, why don't you get the hot sauce bottle from that table over there," I said.Erika looks at me with pleading eyes. I ignore those soft-blue eyes which at one time had such power over me. "The hot sauce," I repeat.Erika pushes her chair back and slowly gets up. She pulls the dress down and walks over to the table. As she walks, I raise the setting to high. Erika's knees almost give out from the force of the vibration between her legs but she manages to slowly walk to the table. The dress inches up with every other step. I look around and see all the male staff stop in mid stride and watch Erika. Some of the men at the surrounding tables watch Erika as well. By the time Erika reaches the table, her dress had inched up to directly under her ass cheeks. She leans forward causing the dress to go up another inch exposing the lower part of her panties.A guy at the table next to where she is, stops talking to his lady and eyes Erika's ass. The woman at the table sees this and makes face,"That is just so disgusting. You know, that is really inappropriate to wear in public," the woman says out loud to Erika, "I mean, that's not even a dress!"I press the off button on the remote.A frustrated Erika simple says, "Oh fuck off."She comes back to the table and hands me the hot sauce.During the next hour Joe and I take turns with the remote. He sets it to low, I change it to high. He goes high, I go medium. I made Erika get up two more times. Both times the results were similar. Men stare at Erika and the women get nasty about it. Finally, I got bored and we decide to pay and leave.In the parking lot I hear someone yelling at us and running up to us.As the mystery stranger gets closer I recognize the man. So does Erika. It was Tom. The guy from Victoria Secret."I thought you looked familiar," Tom says,"You remember me?""Tom, right?" I said."Yeah," Tom says and then focuses his attention at Erika,"I don't think that dress is meant to be worn in public.""I told her that but she insisted on wearing it," I said. Joe chuckles a little.Tom eyes Erika up and down. The light in the parking lot is bright which makes Erika's dress transparent. Her white lace bra and white panties are very visible. "Seems every time I see you I can see through your clothes," Tom says and laughs,"Not that I'm complaining."Erika avoids eye contact and she blushes a little."You guys come here often?""Joe and I come here once or twice a month or so," I said."Wish I had known you guys were coming. Your meal would have been on the house. I co-own the place.""Really?" Joe and I said at the same time."Yup, next time just let me know and your bill is on the house. But make sure you bring her," Tom says.Erika shifts her weight, bites her lower lip and her breathing becomes a little heavy. She eyes me with her soft blue eyes and pleads with me. By now I know the pleading isn't to stop but to let it complete so she can cum. The constant teasing and playing with her has left her incredibly frustrated."Listen I need to get back in there. I was having a business meeting when I thought I recognized you and I ran out," Tom says."No problem. It was good bumping into you," I said."Oh by the way, I'm having a little party tomorrow night. Would love it if you guys came," Tom says."Well, I don't know..." I start."You guys have to come. It's just a small gathering for my investors. The party is at nine so come anytime after that. I think they'd love to meet you all," Tom says looking at Erika."We'll see if we can make it," was all I said.Half hour later we're back at the house. Joe plops down one side of the couch and I drop at an adjacent couch. Erika goes to her spot and strips down."What's she doing?" Joe asks. His eyes never leave Erika."Following orders. The moment she gets inside the house she strips down to her undies," I said."So that explains why she's always in her underwear. Why not just have her get naked?""Titillation. Sometimes it's more fun to
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leave things to the imagination," I replied."I think being naked is a lot more fun," Joe says."You have a point," I said and got up, unzipped my pants, dropped my underwear and walked towards Erika. "Need my dick sucked."Erika drops to her knees, grabs my shaft and brings her face closer. She licks my balls and slides her tongue all the way up to the head. Wraps her warm wet mouth around the head and sucks on it, hard. She massages my balls while getting to work. I shift my position a little to the left and move Erika a little to the right so Joe can get a better view. I place my hands on Erika's head and start gyrating my hips deep into her mouth."Gaacccckkk," I hear Erika as she starts chocking a little. I feel the back of her throat but press a little further. I was determined to get a deep throat from her. I hold her head firmly as I start fucking her mouth. Then I stop. I yank my dick out of her mouth, order her to get on all fours and walk behind her. I yank her panties down and spread her ass cheeks."Look at Joe," I order and without hesitation I slam my dick up her ass."OOOOhhhh goddd. Fuckkk," Erika yells.I hold her waist and start pounding her."Turn the remote ON and set to high," I yell at Joe who pounces off the couch, grabs the remote off the coffee table and sets it to high. A loud humming sound starts emanating from inside Erika. I hold her waist even firmly and continue pounding her as another vibration from between her legs starts."OHHH GOODDDD. FUCCCKKKK.....AHHHhhhhhh," Erika screams. I reach over and grab her hair and yank her head up."I said look at Joe!" I yelled."AHHHHHH....FUUUCCCKKKK....OOOOOOO," Erika continues to scream."Turn the remote off," I commanded Joe. He did as he was told. I feel the pressure building up in my balls. Two more hard and fast thrusts and I released a massive cum load inside her ass.I pull out, slap her ass and turn her around and stick my cum covered semi-hard manhood in her mouth. Erika sucks it dry."Dude that was simply fucking awesome," Joe says. Inadvertantly he had started rubbing his own dick."Go help him out," I said to Erika. But she just sat there and looked at me with a questionable look.I leaned forward and whispered to her,"just pretend you're at a party and he's one of those random guys you like to fuck.""But..." she begins."Just do it," I said and walked back to the couch and sat down.Erika sighs and gets up and walks over to Joe. Joe gets up, unbuttons his pants and drops his underwear. He stands before Erika, fully erect. Erika gets back down on her knees and licks his shaft."Oh fuck that feels good!" Joe exclaimes.Erika licks his shaft up and down, up down a few times before licking her way down to his balls. She takes one of his nutsack in her mouth and sucks on it while starting to give Joe a handjob. A few minutes of this, her toungue makes its way back on his shaft and stars working its way up to the head. She wraps her mouth over his head and starts sucking on it."Oh man. Haven't had a BJ like this in ages," Joe says.She starts to take in as much of his manhood as she can before going back up. Joe moans and groans. His hands on top of her head and pushing his hips inwards. Erika continues to suck while playing with his balls. Joe lets out a loud groan, then pulls his dick out of her mouth and says, "I want that pussy and ass."He pushes Erika against the couch, spreads her legs and removes the vibrator and throws it on the floor. He grabs both her ankles and lifts them up, raising Erika off the ground. Erika slides her elbows on the couch cushions to extra support. Joe lets go off one of her ankles, grabs his dick and guides it into her pussy."OOOOooo," Erika moans.Once his dick is snugly inside Erika, Joe picks up her ankle again and spreads her legs a little more. Then he begins pounding her. Erika's body starts violently shaking as Joe pummels her. He moves faster and faster, harder and harder. Erika continues to moans and Joe lets out a loud groan or profanity. His thrusting is fast and furious, his balls slam against Erika."Fuck this feels good!" Joe screams.A few thrusts later, Joe takes his dick out of her pussy and without a pause shoves it up her ass. He lifts her ankles slightly higher for a better angle. His pounding begins again."I'm gonna cum," Joe reports. Joe takes his dick out and lets go of her ankles. Erika falls to the floor. Joe gets up, and releases his load all over her face. He hits Erika right on her nose, then moves his aim to her forehead and left cheek. His jizz starts oozing down her soft pretty face. An exhausted Joe falls on the floor starts laughing. He quickly picks up his phone and snaps a pic of Erika with his jizz rolling down her face and onto her lap. Erika wipes the cum off her face.Finally I stand up, walk over to Erika and pull her up. I tell her to clean up before she drips Joe's cum all over my couch and floor. She quickly runs out the room. I sit back on the couch and watch Joe whose still laughing and screaming."Oh my god, dude, that was fucking awesome. She was so fucking awesome!" Joe exclaims. He starts acting a like a teenager who just got laid for the first time. I was surprised considering Joe's wife, Janet, was a total MILF. Then again, even if you're married to a MILF the excitement of banging an eighteen year old incredibly sexy college student always called for such excitement.Joe shows me the pic of Erika covered in his cum and says," Good aim, right?""Yup. I better not find your cum on my couch," I said.Then Joe's delight fades. His face becomes glum and starts getting white."Oh shit. What did I do? I just cheated on my wife," Joe says."Relax man. Janet will never know," I said."Are you kidding me? She's a woman. A MARRIED woman. They always know," he says.Just then his phone rings. It was Janet."See told you. She knows," Joe says all hysterical."Dude stop. Calm down. Answer the phone and stop whining like a little girl," I said. I had no idea Joe was such a pansy.Joe exhales a few times, and answers the phone."Hi's your mom...oh yeah...that's good...yeah I ate, Jason and I went to our fav place...haha, yeah that one...I'm at his place now that's why no one picked up at home...I don't know, I didn't check to see if that girl is home...c'mon honey, you're being paranoid...what do you think is gonna happen that I was gonna fuck her while you were out of town...yes yes, I love you too...say hi to everyone for me...ok, bye" Click."Everything OK?" I ask.Joe shoots me a look, picks up his pants and puts them on."Women! Janet can never know about this. My life would be over if she found out. She already dislikes Erika," he starts."What? Why? What did Erika do to her...that Janet knows of," I said."Besides being eighteen and incredibly hot? Nothing. Janet's just jealous," Joe says."I gotta be honest, Janet is super fine herself. She doesn't need to be jealous. But relax. Janet will not find out. Just delete that pic of Erika from your phone."Joe quickly gets on his phone."Deleted. After I emailed it to myself, of course," Joe says smirking."Good. Now stop acting like a scared little boy. My god! You almost had a nervous breakdown."Joe looks at his watch and it was almost midnight. He started to make his way out. Before he left he looked at me and said,"This was awesome. I never thought I'd get to fuck her. I mean we got drunk and talked smack all the time but I never thought this would happen.""Janet's gone the whole weekend. Come by tomorrow if you have more fun," I said and watched as Joe left.I closed the door, closed the lights made my way upstairs. By now Erika must have cleaned up. Time to get her all dirty again. Tomorrow was another day.

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