Brunette Student With Little Tits Fucks Like A Crazy Insatiable After Cocks

Brunette Student With Little Tits Fucks Like A Crazy Insatiable After Cocks

Having graduated from college I rented an apartment in the city that I was required to move to. My dad was a disciplinarian who believed that you had to earn everything you got in life. When I was in high school, he told me that if I wanted to attend a college I had to get a scholarship to pay my own way. That being the case, I worked my arse off to attain the required marks that enabled me to do so. The company that sponsored me at college obviously required a return on their investment, and I would have to work for them for a period of two years after graduation. That is how I ended up at a branch of their company, in a city of their choosing.The city was six hundred miles away from the town I had grown up in. I did not mind and was looking forward to my emancipation as an adult. As a graduation gift, my parents bought me a second-hand vehicle and also gave me a small amount of money to upgrade my modest apartment. I had never had a proper sexual encounter with anyone up to that point but knew I was gay. Teenage gropes and fondles with other boys summed up my sexual history. My parents were not aware of sexual orientation and ‘outing’ myself, was not a priority in my life. I was determined, however, to explore my predilection in my new environment.Fixing and painting my new apartment was an arduous task and was very pleased when my labours finally drew to an end. As a reward to myself after four weeks of backbreaking toil, I finally decided to visit a gay establishment. I found the name of a place called, ‘Wolf Den’ in a gay newspaper. The reason for my choice was simply that it was the closest bar to my apartment.Being as naïve as I was the significance of the name did not register with me and to be honest, I had no idea about the various gay subcultures that existed.That Friday night I meandered over to the bar completely unaware that it catered to the leather/bear community. I arrived at about nine p.m. and nervously approached the bar counter. I ordered a beer and sat quietly observing the clientele. I was very surprised by the men frequenting this establishment.At college, the obvious gay crowd was referred to as; ‘The Pussy-Boys.’ They were all very camp and one could also discern their presence by the overpowering reek of some or other, ‘in vogue’ cologne. In the household I grew up men simply did not wear cologne, and my father developed dreadful hay-fever if my mother wore perfume. I also never bothered with deodorants, because my dad believed it a total waste of money. The guys in the bar were rather rough looking. They mainly wore leather or plaid shirts and leather or denim trousers. Facial hair was also in abundance.After ten minutes, I was approached by Sparky, real name Michael. I introduced myself as Cian and was summarily told that he would prefer to call me Red. I was not one of the freckled gingers but had a light complexion and dark red hair. Sparky was six-foot tall and ruggedly handsome. He was stocky, moderately hairy, and had short cropped hair and a beard. His hands were large and rough. Sparky was an electrician by trade and was very witty and a lot of fun to talk to. He told me that he was meeting two of his buddies, who would be arriving, a short while later.After twenty minutes, Mac, (real name George) walked into the bar. He was six-feet-two tall and gangly. Mac had a receding hairline that was quite advanced and the rest of his meager head of hair was short. His beard was longer than Sparky’s and his body also appeared to be hairier. Mac was quite unattractive and had large ears and a broad nose. He also had thick lips and uneven teeth. Mac’s hands were not as broad as Sparky’s but his fingers were much longer and rather icky. Mac was an auto electrician by trade, and it instantly became apparent that he was a very pleasant and engaging guy. Mac told us that Tang, (real name Tanner) would also be arriving shortly. Prior to Tang’s arrival, I asked about Tang’s unusual nickname believing that it may have an oriental connotation. They both laughed, before replying that his name had more to do with smell.Before Tang’s arrival, I asked them if he minded the nickname. Shrugging, they both replied that he was very comfortable with it.When Tang finally appeared, I was taken aback by his appearance. Tang was extremely hairy, with shoulder length hair and a beard that was even longer than Mac’s. Tang was huge and looked like he had recently arrived from a deserted island, where he had been marooned for two years. Standing six-foot tall, Tang must have weighed at least two-hundred and sixty pounds. Tang was actually quite good-looking and had large expressive brown eyes and an infectious smile. He had thick stubby hands with the fat fingers and being a plumber by trade, his hands were really grubby. Tang also sweated profusely and it was very apparent why he had acquired his nickname.As time wore on, a discussion about going to Sparky’s place for some fun after the bar was broached. I decided to bail from that gathering with the excuse of having to be up very early the following day. They seemed disappointed, but I assured them that I would definitely take them up on their offer at a future date. I then thanked them for a lovely evening and left shortly after.After I arrived home I was sorry that I had not followed through on their suggestion. An orgy, however, was not what I had in mind for my first real sexual encounter. I did masturbate that night, nevertheless, thinking of what might have been.The following Wednesday, I visited the bar at around for a quick drink at eight p.m. Mac was there and informed me that Sparky and Tang would not be coming to the bar that evening. As I was leaving later, he asked if I made good coffee. Laughing, I invited him along for a cup. Although not initially attracted to him, during my visit to the bar that evening I found him sexier than I had originally thought.After arriving at my home, he asked me to sit next to him on the couch. He then told me that he and the guys were rather taken with me, but rather sad that I had not engaged with them the previous week. Mac then went on to say that he hoped that I hadn’t bull-shitted them about a future get-together. After thanking him for their compliment, I replied that I had been upfront in my response to their offer. I then explained honestly why I had been reluctant to party with them.Mac smiled compassionately before he impishly asked if he could do me the honour of rectifying my unfortunate; ‘virginal’ disposition. Before I could answer he gave me a long intimate kiss. His thick lips covered mine and before his long, his tongue was exploring every part of my mouth. I was totally mesmerized as he intensely excavated my oral cavity for several minutes. Mac’s rough hands caressed my body throughout our encounter, and by the time we stood up our shirts and denim trousers had been unbuttoned.After removing all our clothes I got to see the strangest dick I had ever seen. It was shaped like a rhino horn and tapered from a thick base to a small head. I had never heard of phimosis before meeting him and the condition as he explained; meant that his foreskin completely covered the head of his cock and could not retract. He was well-endowed and had a long nut-sac that hung very low. His entire package was surrounded by a thick bush of dark hair.After pushing my body flat onto the sofa, he began face-fucking me in the sixty-nine position with his weight supported on his knees. I felt his hot mouth enclose my penis as our mutual pleasuring got underway.Instinctively, he would lift his body every twenty seconds allowing me to breathe. I was in ecstasy as I toyed with his balls and inhaled the smell of his musky crotch. Our bonding continued for ten minutes before he tried to lift off me. I begged him not to when he warned me that he was very close. I didn’t care and wanted him to shoot down my throat. Obligingly, he exploded into my mouth and throat. I was also very close and with him manically sucking my cock, shot my load shortly after. Once done, Mac turned around and lay on top of me as we continued to kiss. I had never had such an exhilarating experience in my life.We finally had our coffee, which was the original purpose of his visit. Afterward, we moved through to my bedroom. The kissing continued as we lay in bed and I was overawed by how much his facial hair was turning me on. I planned, there and then, to start growing a beard the following day.Next, after lifting my arms above my head and licking my armpits, he introduced me to the most unbelievable sensation. When I offered to reciprocate, he warned me that he had not showered that day. I was so horny by then that I couldn’t care less. When his first smelly wet pit covered my mouth, I was overcome with horniness. After cleaning both of his pits he turned me onto my stomach; explaining that as it was my first time this would be much more comfortable for me.Mac always remained one of
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the comfiest penetrators I ever encountered. There was minimal discomfort when entered me and I was in a state of bliss, almost immediately. His rhythmic variations were mind-blowing and I was honoured that my cherry had been taken by such a great lover. After he unloaded into me I had cum twice.We fell asleep soon after and were almost late for work the following day, having overslept.The following day, I found it very difficult to concentrate on my work. I kept thinking about the previous evening and how unbelievable it had been. From my first meeting at the bar with ‘The Three Musketeers,’ I was under no illusion about their laissez-faire approach to sex. They were not looking for fixed relationships. Would I be the D’artagnan, in the future foursomes of the group? I pondered.I was definitely also interested in having sex with Sparky, but Tang concerned me because of his intimidating size.Next, I was interrupted from my reverie by a call from Mac at around two p.m., asking if I would I like to join the guys at Sparky’s home that Saturday evening. After agreeing, I was amused by his reminder to bring a toothbrush as it would be a sleepover.I did not visit the bar on the following two evenings and arrived at Sparky’s home at about five p.m., on Saturday. To my surprise, all the guys were naked upon my arrival. Apparently, this was the norm at Sparky’s house. Sparky’s home was very secluded and nudity was therefore not a problem. Not wanting to appear prudish I followed suit and also disrobed.Naturally, having seen Mac naked, my attention was focused on the other two guys. Sparky had a beautiful body as I had anticipated. He was manly and solid. Although well coated with hair he was the least hairy of the three. Sparky also had the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. His uncut cock was thick and perfectly proportioned.Tang, of course, was totally covered in hair and even his very broad feet and fat toes sprouted clumps of hair. He almost appeared to be fully clothed, with the amount of fur covering his huge body. For a man of his size, Tang was firm, rather than flabby. He had the sexiest moobs I had ever seen, a big stomach, and thick arms and legs. Tang was cut and had an extremely thick tool. The shaft of his cock was fat and had a massive, bluish mushroom head. Although Tang’s cock only grew to seven inches erect, it was the thickest of all the three guys. His balls were also huge and very hairy. I had a feeling that this would be an unforgettable evening.Once naked, I was embraced by all three guys as part of my welcome ritual. As this happened my olfactory senses went into overdrive, with Tang, of course, taking the top spot. The guys were very affectionate with one another and also including me in their affability.When I complimented Mac on his performance of a few nights before, he laughingly offered to open me up for the two ‘thicker’ boys.As we were having a barbeque, the fire was already well underway. I assisted making the salad and before long the potatoes, later followed by the meat, were all on the go.Man, oh, man! These guys could eat. Tang, of course, was the front-runner in this department. We ate, drank beer, and had a great time chatting and laughing.After dinner, we all helped clean up. As Sparky and I were drying off the last of the dishes, Mac and Tang moved through to the lounge and got into a sixty-nine position on one of the huge sofas. With Mac on top, he penetrated Tang’s throat, giving him a far rougher face-fucking than I had received a few days before.Sparky then moved me over to the action before instructing me to give Mac a hand, servicing Tang’s fat cock. Tang’s legs were wide apart, with his left leg slumped over the backrest of the sofa. There was no way one could accommodate Tang’s fat cock in one’s mouth and so Mac and I just ran our tongues up and down either side of his shaft. Sparky then began fingering my butt and soon had two fingers inserted into me.After several minutes, Sparky suggested that he and Mac should change places before we resumed our action after the trade had taken place. Almost immediately, Mac shoved his well-lubed cock into my backside.Tang was now really grunting given Sparky’s extra girth. Sparky and I resumed our attention to Tang’s fat dick and balls, as Mac got into a steady rhythm spearing into me. Sparky next pulled Tang’s right leg up, exposing the hairiest butt-hole that I had ever seen. Moving my mouth downward, I located Tang’s manhole in a dense forest of fur. As my tongue penetrated Tang’s pucker, as instructed by Sparky, Tang’s groans intensified.Mac eventually broke up our cluster, by suggesting we all move through to the bathroom. With beers in hand, we summarily headed in that direction.The bathroom was essentially a wet-room, and prior to our action, a large thick rubber mat was unfurled in the middle of the room. I was then pushed to my knees to receive my piss initiation. Mac knelt behind me and reinserted his cock into me and after a few seconds, I felt a warm gush of liquid being sprayed into my backside. It was totally awesome. Sparky then placed his cock in my mouth and started pissing down my throat. The taste was fantastic, and I swallowed greedily. When Mac finished pissing inside me he resumed fucking my arse.When Sparky ran dry, Tang moved in front of me and sprayed both Mac and me with a torrent of hot piss. After Mac pulled out of me I was pushed flat on my stomach in the puddle of piss, before Sparky mounted me.The upgrade in dick size really got my attention, but as the initial pain subsided I was turned onto my back before Sparky again thrust back into me. Tang stood over my body with his cock pointing towards Sparky’s mouth, and Mac moved behind Tang inserting his knob into Tang’s butthole. Lying on my back and staring up at this hot scene was a mind-blowing experience. Being fucked at the same time was sensational.Next, pulling out of me Sparky once again turned me over into a doggy position. Tang’s turn to fuck me had now arrived. Sitting before me, Sparky shoved my mouth onto his dick as Tang got behind me. When Tang’s fat cock-head entered me, I thought my butthole was being ripped apart. Mac then got behind Tang as our fuck-train got into full swing.After ten happy minutes, when the guys were all getting close the point of no return, Tang unloaded his seed in my arse. When he moved off me Mac inserted his cock before discharging his spunk. Finally, Sparky replaced Mac to finish off the procession. As I lay on the mat panting and sated, they exited the bathroom. After getting up eventually, I joined the guys in the lounge.As we drank our beers they all asked how I had enjoyed my first orgy. Words were not necessary because my huge smile said it all.Dessert followed and soon afterward Tang announced that he was ready for a ‘second helping’. After standing up, he motioned me to follow him back to the bathroom.Once there, Tang lay on his back and instructed me to sit on his face. He then ordered me to discharge the collective loads from my backside into his mouth. He licked and slurped like a pig at a trough. His fat tongue felt unbelievable as he rimmed me. After Tang had sucked every last drop out of me, I moved me off his face. He then pushed me down onto my stomach and began slapping my backside with his left hand.As two fat fingers from the right hand entered my butt he continued slapping me, holding my body down firmly with his left knee. After I had been softened up to his liking, he got on top of me and pushing my legs apart with his knees, entered me forcefully. As I reacted to the stress his full body weight fell on me, which was pinning me down completely, my whining and pleading just excited him even more. Tang was incredibly powerful and did not fully comprehend his incredible strength. I was often bruised after future encounters with him. Truthfully, I loved them.Tang drove into me relentlessly as he bit on my neck. With his long hair all over my face, I gasped for air with an alpha gorilla on my back. He frenziedly pummelled his fat pole in and out of me, while grunting like a wild animal. Thankfully, my wheezing must have really turned him on because he shot a load into me soon after.After a short while, he lifted his upper body onto his arms, before unleashing a bucketful of piss into my battered backside. When Tang exited the bathroom I lay on the mat for several minutes, drenched in perspiration.When I moved through to the lounge Tang had headed off to the spare room and was snoring soundly. That evening, Sparky, Mac, and I, spent the night in the main bedroom. We had a scene that lasted for an hour minutes and consisted of me being spit-roasted by the two of them.I left fairly early the next day, having been invited to Sunday lunch by a co-worker.That Sunday evening, as I lay in bed reflecting upon the events of the past five days, I fell asleep with a smile on my face looking forward to our next gathering.  

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