Mature Man Takes Viagra And Breaks Two Pussy Nymphomaniacs

Mature Man Takes Viagra And Breaks Two Pussy Nymphomaniacs

It was an incredibly hot and humid Saturday morning at the Dane household. Kimberly was by herself, as her daughter was on a double date with that little tramp friend of hers, Harper. Her stepson was visiting one of the school’s resident whores, Lisa. Meanwhile, her husband was on a business trip in England. She didn’t mind much, as a little ‘me time’ was just what she needed. Although some ‘me and my daughter’s boyfriend, Todd, time’ would be much more enjoyable, she thought to herself.Kimberly walked into the backyard through the kitchen’s patio door, dressed in a small black sequin bikini and cork-wedge sandals with black straps. She carried a beach towel, a jug filled with sangria, and a bag containing things like suntan lotion, a Harlequin romance novel to read, she paused and giggled to herself, a dildo, everything she needed to enjoy the sunny afternoon. The bikini was a bit small, causing her breasts to nearly spill out of it, which might have made some women feel awkward, but to a woman like her, it only drew more male attention towards her, and she couldn’t get enough of it. This was all to the chagrin of her family, who were either embarrassed by, or jealous of the attention that she got whenever she wore a bikini like that one in public.The thirty-eight year-old, blonde haired, five-six goddess felt the warm sun wash over her tits and she couldn’t help but look down and admire them. Originally her breasts were B’s, but with a little surgical magic they had become D’s. Her doctor was a master in his field, causing Kimberly to always marvel at how great his work was. There weren’t any visible scars on her chest, the areolas around her nipples weren’t perfectly circular like you would see on porn stars with cheap tit jobs, and unless you mashed her tits really roughly, then they felt just like the real thing. Add in her well maintained physique, all-over tanned body, and long, long legs, it was no wonder that she had never met a man, or boy, that could turn down an advance from her.After laying her towel on a recliner out by the pool, Kimberly poured some tanning oil into her hands and spread the warm liquid around her palms before applying it to the rest of her body. All oiled up, she slid her hands all over her body, slowly, enjoying the feeling of her hands smearing the oily liquid all over her skin. After taking care of most of her body, she decided to remove her bikini top, not wanting to ruin her all over tan. She poured some more of the oil into her hands and started rubbing it all over her breasts. As she rubbed the oil over her nipples, she rubbed little circles around them, causing them to stiffen in excitement, even though it was warm outside, a clear sign of her aroused state.Ready to relax and take in some sun, Kimberly laid on the recliner and opened her romance novel to where she left off. After a few pages, she came to a part of the story where the young, muscly gardener gets seduced by the older, but incredibly attractive wife of the house’s owner. The vivid descriptions of the young stud’s body and how he made the wife feel caused Kimberly’s pussy to tingle in anticipation of what was to come.Entirely consumed by the story, she barely even noticed that her free hand had slipped under her bikini to play with her clit. The backyard was surrounded by tall trees that prevented neighbors from looking into it, but she didn’t care if anyone of them was looking at her. Her neighbors contained some attractive fathers and sons she wouldn’t mind letting watch her, or do more than just watch, she secretly yearned.Eventually the pleasure she was receiving from touching herself reached a level that made her want to close her eyes and take control of the fantasy in her head that had started with the novel. Kimberly closed the book and put it back into her bag, and when her hand reemerged, it contained the large dildo that she had also brought outside with her. The dildo was just about eight inches long and maybe two inches thick and shaped like an actual penis, complete with bulging veins, although she lamented the fact that no man she had ever been with had veins like that.Putting the disappointing thought out of her head, she started to imagine that she was the housewife in the novel getting ravaged by well hung gardener as she slid the dildo in and out of her pussy faster with each thrust. Her cunt had become lubricated by all of the juices that had begun to leak from her as a result of the story, letting her move the dildo in and out of her cunt more comfortably due to the lack of friction.“Oh, oh Stan, oh my. That is quite the, tool, you’re working with. Please, oh God, please fuck me as hard as you can,” Kimberly said out loud, unable to contain her thoughts to herself.Soft moans continued to emanate from Kimberly as she plowed the dildo into her pussy. Narration of what she was imagining continued out loud, describing how the gardener now had her on all fours and was pulling her hair back as he roughly thrusted his large cock in and out of her. She was so horny that afternoon that she felt, way too soon, what she was sure was going to be a quick, but still amazing orgasm.Unfortunately, just as her body began to tense up for her orgasm, she heard a loud snapping noise from the bushes near the backyard’s fence. She panicked, withdrawing the dildo from her bikini bottom and quickly covering herself with the towel.“Who's there?”No one responded.“There’s no hiding, I heard you. Come out right now, or else I’m going to come over there and beat the shit out of whoever I find,” Kimberly practically barked.The bush rustled frantically a nerdy looking kid with glasses stood up through the bush, a small video camera in his right hand. Kimberly was positively steaming. While she didn’t really mind being spied on by a Peeping Tom (normally that would really turn her on), what really pissed her off was that he had just cost her a really good orgasm.“You, you get your sorry little ass over here right now, the longer you take, the sorer its gonna be when I’m done with you,” she roared.The geeky looking teen did as he was told and awkwardly stumbled out of the bush he was hiding in. As he approached her, Kimberly yanked the camera out of his hands and grabbed him by the collar of the blue polo shirt he was wearing.“Who the hell are you, and why are you filming me?” Kimberly asked as she pulled the boy’s face close to hers.After a deep gulp, the frightened teen responded.“I’m Nathaniel Rizzi. I go to the same school as your daughter, Becky.”“That doesn’t explain why you’re filming me in my backyard. You’d better start talking, or else I’m gonna call the police, you little perv,” Kimberly threatened, causing Nathaniel to spill everything immediately.“There’s this guy at my school, he said that for anyone who paid him fifty bucks, he’d tell them when and where to find this hot MILF suntanning naked. I’m sorry, I swear!” he cried.Kimberly was confused. The only person I’ve ever told about my nude suntanning sessions is… Now she was really pissed. TODD! That little shit. She had previously teased her daughter’s boyfriend, whom she was sexually involved with, with details about her nude sunbathing in her backyard on weekends. The point was to have the teen come by for a little fun and help her relieve some stress that she had accrued during the week, which he did in fact do several times.Unfortunately, it appeared that the ungrateful shit had been sharing that little piece of information with other boys at his school in order to make a little extra cash. It must be because of that little teenage whore, Lisa. He’s been throwing away so much money on her when he could be more than satisfied with me, and for free, too. Lisa was a girl at Todd and her daughter’s school that was saving money for university by working in the oldest profession in human history, and she had really drawn Todd to her as of late.It was true that she was a bit peeved at learning that Todd accidentally told her daughter that Kimberly and Todd were fucking, which Kimberly’s husband, Chip, had learned about, causing a bit of friction between the two of them. Still, they had managed to smooth over the issue with a few words, And a lot of sex, she mused. While she gave Todd the cold shoulder for a while, she eventually began to welcome him back into her bed, and various other places around her home. Sadly, it seemed that Todd had become so infatuated with Lisa by then, that he had started coming around less and less to see her, and there was little doubt in her mind that Todd had begun to tell others at his school about her in order to make enough money to keep feeding his obsession for the teen.Turning back to the issue at hand, Kimberly thought about how to deal with the little pervert that she was still holding by the collar.“So, you were watching, and recording me. Just what were you going to do with that recording, huh?”Nathaniel swallowed hard again before responding.“I was only going to keep it for myself. I wasn’t going to share it with anyone, honest.”“Oh sure, I’m just supposed to trust the word of a little perverted spy like you.”Just as she was about to smash the camera and throw the little nerd through the backyard gate and onto hiss ass, Kimberly happened to glance down at Nathaniel’s crotch. Well, I see he was enjoying the show. Even after getting caught and looking terrified of the impending trouble he was in, Nathaniel had managed to maintain an erection the whole time, partly due to him being unable to keep his eyes from glancing down at Kimberly’s tits as she talked. She smiled as she thought up a proper punishment for him having ruined her orgasm.Kimberly let go of the teen’s collar and rubbed her hand around it, smoothing it out for him and causing him to shiver awkwardly at the attractive housewife’s sudden smile and delicate touch after previously being so rough with him. She put the camera on the table next to the lounge chair and turned back to Nathaniel.“You know, I think I actually remember your mother now, and her cell phone number.” It was a lie; Kimberly didn’t know his mom’s number, she didn’t even know her name. “Perhaps I can call her and ask her just how trustworthy you are.”“Please, Mrs. Dane, I’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you, just please don’t call my mom, she will literally kill me if she found out I did something like this,” the teen pleaded.“Nathaniel," Kimberly said, sternly yet with a devious looking little smile. “How old are you?”“Uh, eighteen, ma’am,” he weakly muttered.Mmmm, nice and young. I also like how nervous he is, AND how hung he looks, Kimberly thought as she glanced at the outline in Nathaniel’s khaki shorts. She decided at that moment to go through with her little plan to get herself the orgasm she desperately needed.“Well, I obviously can't let you leave without some kind of punishment, right?” Nathaniel nodded weakly. “I do have something that you can do, which will allow you to make up for spying on me and interrupting my peaceful afternoon. Can you guess what that is?”“Uhm, some kind of chores, like cleaning your pool, maybe?”“No, no, nothing so meagre," Kimberly replied after a small chuckle, although she liked the idea of having the young man doing work around the backyard for her, just like in the novel she had been reading. She concluded that she didn’t have the time for such entertainment; she needed an orgasm, quickly. “You interrupted what I’m pretty sure was going to be a very good orgasm, so your punishment is going to be to finish me off.”She made sure that Nathaniel knew she was serious by opening up the towel wrapped around her, exposing her breasts to the boy and letting the towel fall to the ground. The teen stood frozen in place, save for his jaw, which literally fell open a bit at the close-up view of the woman’s tits.“Wh-what? You really want me to-" Nathaniel stammered before Kimberly helped him complete his thought.“Yes, I want you pleasure me until I get the orgasm you robbed me of, and you’re going to do that by getting on your knees, placing your head between my legs, and eating me out.”To make it crystal clear what she wanted, Kimberly raised her left leg and placed it on the small glass table next to the lounge chair she was formerly resting on. Once she was sure that she could successfully maintain her balance while wearing her high-heeled sandals, she used her right hand to pull her bikini bottom to the side so that Nathaniel would be able to get at her pussy. He stared at the freshly waxed pussy as though it was the first one he had ever seen, which was technically true, since the only pussy he had ever seen in his life was on the Internet.“You have tasted pussy before, haven't you, Nathaniel?”He shook his head.“No. My girlfriend is, well, she’s kind of-” He struggled to form words as his eyes continuously shifted between Kimberly’s tits and her pussy. “She’s kind of religious, maybe not sex until marriage serious, but she doesn’t want to do anything until we’ve been together for a few more years.”“Sooooo, no sex? Not even oral?” Kimberly asked with faux confusion in her voice.Nathaniel shook his head weakly yet again. The devious smile on Kimberly’s face grew ever so subtly bigger at the news that Nathaniel had a girlfriend. She liked having sex with either married men, or boys with girlfriends; knowing that she had the power to seduce men and boys that were supposed to be loyal to someone else made her feel especially naughty, in addition to already cheating on her husband. This knowledge, along with the prospect of being the first person, girl or woman, to be with this little trembling nerd, really turned her on.And also just happens to look quite well endowed judging by the bulge in his khaki shorts, she reminded herself, making her realize how lucky she was that she never managed to orgasm before catching Nathaniel spying on her.“Well then, I guess you're in for a treat.” She inserted a finger into her pussy, coating it with her juices before extending the finger out to Nathaniel. “Here, have a taste,” she offered.Nathaniel nervously lowered his head and opened his mouth. Rather than force her finger into him, Kimberly patiently let the shy teen lower his head all the way down to her finger, which he put into his mouth on and started sucking.“Taste good, Nathaniel?”He nodded in agreement, giving a muffled ‘mhmm’ as he continued to lick around the woman’s finger with his tongue.“Well, that was just a taste. Why don’t you come get some from the source.” Kimberly winked and started to gently rub her clit in anticipation. “Well, I’m waiting.”Not wanting to keep the lady waiting, Nathaniel got down on his knees and apprehensively began to move his face towards the woman’s crotch. Not having a clue how to properly satisfy a woman, he awkwardly pushed his face against her moist crotch, his nose poking into her clit. Sensing that the young man still needed a bit of direction, Kimberly moved her free hand to her pussy and spread her outer lips, allowing the teen's tongue easier entry into her slick cunt.Although he was still terrified of what Mrs. Dane might do to him, being the horny teenager he was, Nathaniel began licking at the woman’s pussy. He stuck out his tongue and slowly licked the puffy outer lips of the woman's flesh, causing her to shiver and slowly hiss at the teasing presence of his tongue. To his delight, he taste of her pussy juices turned out to be even better coming straight from the source. After a few more licks, the boy dived in and smothered himself with her pussy, licking it with immense enthusiasm. While he may have needed some practice with regards to his technique, his attacking her pussy like a rabid animal was driving Kimberly wild.“That's it. Oh, my God, that’s it, Nathaniel. You’re gonna make me cum,” she said in encouragement as she fingered her clit at a rapid pace, taking care of the one place that Nathaniel was unfortunately missing.Several seconds after encouraging him, the teen’s tongue slid up and grazed her clit. Kimberly let out something half-way between a scream and a moan as she climaxed. She knew that she was close, but not that close. The surprise of his tongue finally reaching her clit must have sent a sensation coursing through her that triggered a powerful and unexpected orgasm. Nathaniel's face was met with a wave of Kimberly’s fluids and he eagerly lapped up as much of the precious liquid as he could.For half a minute minute, Kimberly's body squirmed in orgasm before finally subsiding and leaving her feeling calm, and very pleased.“Wow. Nathaniel, you were pretty damn good, a lot better than I was expecting for someone who has never done this before. Have you honestly never done this with a girl before?” Kimberly asked, genuinely wondering if he had some experience, but was for some reason embarrassed to admit it.“No, this is the first time I’ve ever done anything sexual with a girl, err, woman, I mean,” he corrected.Kimberly smiled at how nervous
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he still was. Most men would be congratulating themselves at being able to get a woman off, and from there they would think they were real hot shit, but with Nathaniel, she knew she could still have some more fun with him. She could see that his cock was still fully erect through his shorts and was ready to come out and play.“Well, since you're taking your punishment like a man, and have gone beyond my expectations, so far, it only makes sense that I reward you for it.”Kimberly walked around Nathaniel so that she could kneel on the grass in front of him while he stood on the patio stones that surrounded her pool. Just as he was going to ask her what she meant by a ‘reward’, Kimberly yanked down his shorts and boxers in one go and looked at his impressively large cock with a smile. Nathaniel might have been a skinny, nerdy, shy kid, but he was endowed with had to be an almost eight inch shaft that was at least two inches wide.The girls at his school must not know what they’re missing if he’s never been with anyone before, Kimberly thought. Well, their loss is my massive gain.“Very impressive, Nathaniel. I think you just might give me a run for my money with a nice cock like this.” She suddenly got an idea and decided to pick up the camera she had confiscated from him earlier and turned it on. “Now, why don’t you start filming again? I think we both could use a memento of your first time with a woman.”Doing as he was told, Nathaniel took the camera and focused on the woman kneeling in front of him as she took hold of his thick cock, which was hot to the touch. Kimberly was lusting so much for the large shaft that she actually needed to restrain herself from swallowing it whole right away. Instead, she decided to tease him a bit first by licking it slowly all around, from the base to the tip, and then swirling her tongue around the bulbous head as she let out loud, drawn out moans and jerked the base of his shaft. There was so much area for her to cover that it took Kimberly quite a few licks to fully coat his cock in her saliva in anticipation of putting the whole thing in her mouth, and she knew that she was going to need the lubrication to fit it all the way in.With his cock finally fully lubricated with with her saliva, and Nathaniel already breathing in deep, raspy breaths, Kimberly decided it was time to go all in and inhaled his cock all the way into the back of her throat. Her lips wrapped around the base of his shaft and she swallowed, causing her throat to grip the teen’s sizable head. Nathaniel was so overwhelmed by the feeling of his cock getting squeezed by the experienced woman’s throat that he started to go limp in response, causing him stagger back a bit. Kimberly managed to keep his cock in her mouth, letting herself be pulled forward, which wasn’t too hard, seeing as how her throat practically had a death grip around the head of his cock.Once Nathaniel had managed to get used to the new sensation of a woman’s mouth around his cock and steady himself, Kimberly started to bob her head back and forth over his sizable shaft. She tried to stuff as much of the boy’s dick into her mouth with each bob, but the back of her throat was starting to get tired of being repeatedly forced to handle the wide load. After a few half bobs, she force fed herself the last few inches of it down her throat and rested her nose against his pelvis. Kimberly kept her head in place for a few seconds as she stared up at the camera before quickly removing Nathaniel’s cock and sucking in a very deep, much needed breath, as pre-cum and saliva dripped from her luscious lips.“Oh, Nathaniel. Fuck my mouth, baby. I need you to fuck my mouth, fast,” Kimberly begged as she got up and laid on the lounger with her head hanging over it’s edge.In order to get himself at the right height to get his cock into Kimberly’s mouth, Nathaniel knelt on the ground in front of her. As he pointed his shaft towards the opening of her mouth, Kimberly placed the camera on her chest and pointed it towards Nathaniel. The eager teen thrusted himself into the woman, causing her neck to show a visible bulge where his cock poked at her throat. Feeling sure that she could take it, Nathaniel started thrusting at full speed right away, enjoying the sight of the head of his cock repeatedly poking at the back of Kimberly’s throat. Saliva dripped uncontrollably from Kimberly's mouth and down her face while she made loud gagging noises as the boy’s cock harshly probed the back of her throat.All of a sudden a phone began to ring and Nathaniel looked over at his shorts, still lying nearby. Kimberly removed him from her mouth, got down onto her knees and started to stroke him with one hand while the other reached into Nathaniel’s shorts and fished the cell phone out of its pockets.“Ooh, who’s Katherine?”A panicked look came across Nathaniel’s face.“Oh shit! That’s my girlfriend.”The response caused Kimberly to smile as another devious little thought popped into her head. She thrust the cell phone towards his right hand.“Answer it," she told him. “Go on, let’s see who can hold your attention better.”Terrified at the prospect of answering the phone while getting a blowjob, but even more terrified of not answering his demanding girlfriend’s call, Nathaniel pressed ANSWER on his phone and raised it to his ear.As Nathaniel said hello and started to talk to his girlfriend, Kimberly proceeded to start blowing him again, much to his surprise. As she sucked him off, she looked him straight in his eyes the whole time, trying to distract him from his girlfriend. Whether he managed to hide what he was doing from his girlfriend, or he got caught and his relationship was ruined, she didn’t care at all, she just loved making things hard for him, in more ways than one. She picked up the camera that he had put aside to answer the phone and filmed herself blowing him as he talked on the phone.“Uh, hey, Katie, what’s up?” he managed to say, nervously, but not nervously enough Kimberly had decided, so she started sucking his cock as fast as she could while trying to keep the camera steady.The loud sucking noises, the sight of the sucking his dick as her eyes locked with his, it all overwhelmed Nathaniel, causing him to grunt in pleasure, as a small, but noticeable ‘Ungh’ escaped his mouth. Apparently his girlfriend must have heard it, as he noticeably scrambled to think about what to say in response. In forcing the teen to go on the defensive, Kimberly smiled deviously around the cock in her mouth.“I, uh, I, ugh.” Another groan escaped his lips as he struggled against the urge to simply hang up on his girlfriend, grab Kimberly by the head, and roughly throat fuck her as punishment for what she was doing to him. “I, uh, I banged my elbow on the corner of a table. The library, I’m just doing some research before we hang out this afternoon.”Amused by Nathaniel’s attempts to compose himself, Kimberly continued to smile as she sucked him. She could see Nathaniel desperately trying to listen to what Katherine was saying, but his attempts to look away from the attractive, older woman sucking his cock was proving to be difficult. The teen tensed up, trying to control himself while also trying to end the conversation with his girlfriend as fast as possible without pissing her off.“Yeah, yeah. I promise I will bring you those books that you need for your assignment.”Sensing that the call was almost over, Kimberly started to moan out loud around Nathaniel’s cock, hoping that the sounds would be picked up by his girlfriend.“It’s just me again, my elbow really hurts. I’m going to ask one of the librarians if they have some ice I could put on it. I’ll see you in a few hours. Okay, love you too. Okay, bye.”As soon as he hung up, Nathaniel threw the phone several meters away and onto the lawn and grabbed onto Kimberly’s head.“You bitch,” Nathaniel said as began force feeding his cock to her as punishment for trying to get him in trouble with his girlfriend. He was thrusting so hard that Kimberly was almost afraid that he was going to bruise her throat, but at the same time her right hand had begun working her clit furiously, immensely turned on by how angry and lustful the teen had become.Sounds of ‘Urgh, urgh, urgh,’ came from Kimberly as Nathaniel pushed himself deeper and deeper down her throat, until finally she couldn’t physically handle having her throat rammed anymore. Just like she had done with her daughter’s boyfriend when he had fucked her so hard that she needed to stop, she pushed him away and told him that she needed something else from him; conceding that she couldn’t take anymore made her look weak and gave away too much power.“Enough foreplay, I want you to fuck my pussy, Nathaniel.”Nathaniel wasn’t at all disappointed by Kimberly’s request and he quickly removed his T-shirt, shoes and socks, leaving him completely naked, as Kimberly laid back on the lounge chair and spread her legs, quickly re-positioning the camera on the table next to the lounge chair. She bit her lip as the teen hovered over her, placing one leg on either side of the lounge chair and squatting down as he aimed his cock at her pussy.Wanting to feel like he was in control for a change, Nathaniel spread Kimberly’s legs further apart before roughly grabbing her hips. Wanting to continue his quest to punish her for trying to get him in trouble with his girlfriend, the newly emboldened Nathaniel thrusted himself deep into Kimberly, causing her to gasp in shock, even though she thought she was ready for him.Wanting to be as far from gentle as possible, he started to fuck her harshly, gripping firmly onto her hips and reaming his cock into her pussy with all the force he could muster. Rather than punish her, however, the rough fucking only drove Kimberly crazier as young meat filled her pussy and lit up every nerve in and around her groin. She gripped the edge of the lounger, moaning as quietly as possible in an effort to not to piss off her neighbors, but occasionally she couldn’t help but scream out loud, even going so far as to yell ‘FUCK’ at the top of her lungs as the boy went to town on her married pussy.Continuing to fuck her, a look of frustrated disappointment came to Nathaniel’s face as a smiling Kimberly kept urging him on with cries of ‘Yes’ and ‘Fuck me.’ He still wanted to punish her for what she pulled with the phone, but unfortunately, at least for him, no matter how rough he was, she just kept enjoying herself more. Nathaniel decided to rethink his strategy.Just as the housewife prepared herself for another climax, she heard a loud smack and felt an instant burning/stinging sensation on her right ass cheek.“OWW!” Kimberly cried out, just as Nathaniel raised his other hand and spanked her left ass cheek even harder than her right one.“How about that, you slut?” He switched back to his right hand and spanked her again. “How does it feel to be the one in trouble now?”After quickly getting over the initial shock of having her ass spanked out of nowhere, Kimberly just laughed and smiled. She was no stranger to getting spanked, she just wasn’t expecting it from what was, at least a few minutes ago, such a nervous, timid teenager. Outside of one or two initial spanks, spanking simply become another form of pleasure for a woman like Kimberly.“Ooohhh. Sorry, Nathaniel, but you can’t punish me. There’s very little you can do to turn me off. Just give up and try to enjoy yourself.”Realizing that there was nothing he could to make a woman like Kimberly uncomfortable, Nathaniel gave up and grabbed her hips once again as he started thrusting in and out of her as fast as he could.“Oh, fuck it,” he said in defeat as he focused on simply fucking Kimberly as hard as he could, but after a few seconds she spoke up out of disappointment.“Just because I said you should give up trying to punish me, I didn’t mean for you stop spanking me. Do it again,” she ordered.If I can’t punish her, I should just give her what she wants. If I do it well enough, maybe she’ll let me do this again with her, Nathaniel reasoned as he let his right hand rise up and fall from the air down to Kimberly’s already reddened ass cheek.“Oh, fuck yes, Nathaniel,” Kimberly praised as the young man spanked one cheek and moved on to the other one, managing to keep up his thrusting speed with out holding onto her hips.The constant pangs of pleasure from Nathaniel’s thrusting and spanking overwhelmed Kimberly and sent her over the edge, right to another orgasm. Juice dripped from her cunt and served as additional lubricant for Nathaniel’s cock.“Oh, God, Nathaniel, you made me cum again,” Kimberly cried out.Her words reinvigorated the tiring teen and he grabbed her hips once again and slammed his cock into her with renewed speed and vigor. Several grunts later, Kimberly felt Nathaniel’s hot, teenage cum makes it way into her, causing her to shiver as the warm goo flowed into her in several consecutive spurts.“Oh, God. Oh, my God,” Kimberly panted as her pussy twitched each time another spurt of cum entered her.After a few seconds, and a lot of strained breaths, Nathaniel removed his softening dick from Kimberly’s cunt, causing a mix of both of their cum to ooze out between her legs and fall onto the lounge chair. It took almost a minute of breaths before she could speak again.“Well, well, well, not bad for a virgin, Nathaniel.”“Thank you. Mrs. Dane. I don’t think I will ever forget my first time.” He turned and looked at the table next to the lounge chair. “Especially not with this...”Just as Nathaniel was about to pick up the camera that had been recording his punishment, Kimberly reached out with lightning speed and snatched it off of the table.“Uh, uh, uh, I think I’ll hang onto this for a bit; a little memento of such an eventful afternoon,” she gleefully said as she removed the SD card from the recorder.“But, Mrs. Dane, that’s my dad’s camera! And, if anyone sees that video of me, I’ll be-”Kimberly cut him off.“Relax, Nathaniel. I’m just keeping it for myself, like you were,” she joked in reference to what he said he was going to do with the footage of her that he had recorded earlier. “You can have the camera back, I’m just going to keep the SD card and enjoy it a time or two on my own before erasing it, and then you can have it back. Okay?” She extended the camera to him.Knowing that he couldn’t change the woman’s mind, Nathaniel nodded in defeat and accepted the camera.“Good. Now, if you ever want to do this again, feel free to stop by any weekend, even if my family is home. I’m sure we could find someplace to get, intimate. Oh, and bring that camera of yours again; I’m more than willing to give you as much up close material as you want, if you earn it instead of hiding out in bushes all day spying on me.”The teen’s face grew a goofy, excited smile at the thought of being able to fuck Kimberly again, and possibly even getting to film it. Even with how much she seemed to enjoy what they had done, he had been sure that this would just end up being a one time thing.“Of course, Mrs. Dane!” A sheepish look crossed his face. “I should probably go now, Katherine is waiting for me, and she hates to be kept waiting.”“Oh, alright, Nathaniel, you can go. I think you’ve been-” She paused and finished her sentence seductively. “Punished, enough for today. Go on.”After he finished dressing, Nathaniel headed for the backyard gate and ran off, leaving Kimberly lying on the recliner, warm cum slowly dripping out of her pussy. With two fingers she gathered up some of the cum and licked it off. There was always something about young cum that she liked, especially a virgin’s cum. Was it a psychological thing, like taking a younger person’s virginity made her feel powerful? Or was there actually something about the cum itself, such as the taste, that she liked more than an older, more experienced man’s cum? Whatever the reason, she didn’t really care, she liked it, and she was sure that she was going to get a lot more of it from Nathaniel, And hopefully Todd, too.Kimberly smiled and laid back to enjoy the afternoon sun, feeling completely relieved at having worked off a week’s worth of sexual tension. Just as she laid back though, she noticed a head sticking out of an open window from one of her neighbor’s houses; it was Caleb, the seventeen-year-old son of her neighbors Fred and Monica. The boy had obviously been masturbating, given the embarrassed look on his face.Responding to the voyeur, Kimberly gave him a little wave and a wink. Caleb smiled awkwardly and waved back at her. Seeing as how he had the balls to not flee when he saw her, she decided she wanted to see just how big his balls, and his cock, were. She gave him a ‘come here’ motion with her right index finger. The teen smiled broadly and bolted from the window. Kimberly leaned back on her chair and closed her eyes.Ah, what a great way to spend the weekend, Kimberly thought as she tried to rest a bit before her second teen of the day arrived. 

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