Xxx Movies With Brunettes Having Hair Up To The Ass Xxx

Xxx Movies With Brunettes Having Hair Up To The Ass Xxx

Ever since Nisha’s initial encounter with Russell, I had agreed that Nisha could travel and see him periodically. In fact, she would spend a Friday and Saturday night with Russell once every six weeks. She would leave on a Friday morning and return mid-afternoon on Sunday. In the early stages of the arrangement, there were times that I had travelled with Nisha  too.  What I got to see was amazing.I would yearn for her arrival and look forward to smelling the scent on her body. Her lips tasted different and so did her body. I enjoyed the sensory changes that resulted from her being so physically intimate with another man. Nisha knew that when she arrived on Sunday afternoons from her weekend of tantric sex and its many permutations, that I had eagerly awaiting her arrival to have the opportunity of tasting her and experiencing her body that had been so well satisfied by her tantric lover. The very fact that my gorgeous Nisha had been of service to another man gave me great immense joy and clarity. That love was about sharing and expanding our boundaries and going beyond the limitations of the norms that exist within society.My satisfaction came from knowing that Nisha had connected with another man both sexually and energetically. This knowledge that my utterly beautifful wife had given pleasure to another man and that another man had given her both valley and peak orgasmic pleasure beyond her original experiences and understandings was an undeniable truth. Her orgasmic heights were my priority.On her return, itwas not without hesitation that I would often taste Nisha’s pussy to detect the remnants of Russell’s cum. Her lips tasted differently when I kissed her passionately, as did her skin when I kissed her and licked her. It was clear. I could tell that my wife had been fucked by another man. And it felt so good.I would fuck Nisha with a renewed sense of vigour and intensity. Often so aroused that my load would release almost prematurely. With this, there were moments of jealousy, but the overwhelming sensation was that of extreme pleasure. I truly enjoyed my gorgeous wife, Nisha, having this arrangement with a man she probably deserved more from the point of view of sexual fulfilment.Nisha would take a one hour flight every 6 weeks to see Russell, who lived in a relatively large coastal town, in northern Australia. It was a town that attracted many tourists, both local and from aboard. Russell ran a tantric massage therapy centre with a small art gallery next to the centre. The paintings were of a natural landscapes provided by local artists. He had been concerned about the sales of the art work and enlisted Nisha to assist with a promotional eveniing. So now, instead of going to see Russell on the Friday, she would fly out on Thursday morning and arrive at lunchtime. There was no time for play when she got there. It was all about the evening and its preparation. Nisha's role was to serve champagne and hor d'ouevres but also talk about the artwork to those that came to see. However, she was dressed to allure the local tourists.She dressed in tantric red. A cloth delicately covered her breasts and was tied behind her back. Another cloth around her waist, just barely covering her cute and tight ass. Her willingness to express her sexuality to the broader public had increased. It was as if she wanted everyone to know that she was very much a sexual being and that others, too, should be tempted by her.Her role was seduce with her exotic beauty and intelligence and assist Russell sell the paintings.It would seem at times, that all eyes were on her rather than the paintings that Russell had in his small gallery. Certainly revealing her flat stomach and revealing her ass slight as she bent over to offer champagne to those that were seated was a mouth-watering sight for those watching at a not far a distanmce. With her charm and her sexuality prevailed and paintings  were sold. And Nisha was becoming the object of desire. And she loved it.I had noticed the first time that Nisha had presented herself in such a way, there was a certain shyness. But it didn't take her too long to develop the confidence and exude the sexuality that was necessary. She was a natural tantric goddess. At first she was shy about getting into such a compromising position where there would be a few bystanders who would be yearning for the opportunity to get some glimpse her beautiful and moist cunt as she would bend over as she was serving those seated. After a few reveals, she became very confident in her stride, as if she wanted to fuck every man in the room. Russell noticed this too.Nisha went up the open staircase to fetch more supplies. She got half-way and then pivoted slightly whilst looking back down over left shoulder. Her left leg was on the next step. There were two younger men close to the staircase.  Nisha knew this, and gave them a perfect opportunity to view with great clarity her yearning pussy as she pretended to look at Russell down below, having a conversation with a potential client.Sure enough, after the promotional evening, back at Russell's home, Nisha and Russell would spend and focus their efforts on tantric love making. Intially, she would be, all clothed meditating with him. The would then undress and pay respect to each other. Russell would touch her pussy and declare,"I revere the yoni". Nisha would reply and declare her reverence to his cock by gently touching it and stating, "I revere the lingham." She would then sit on his lap in a position called yab-yum.The would hold each other for some time. Then they would kiss. Tongues would massage and saliva exchanged. Russell made a habit to massage and touch her lower back at the sacral region as if to awaken a sexual portal within her. Nisha would recount this had been so arousing and that she would this amazing sexual urge, this desire to be entered and thrusted. A longiness not to be let go. As she sat on his lap, naturally, Russell's sizeable cock entered my wife's yoni and she would rock on his cock on his lap. Russell was amazing in controlling his ejaculation. He would hold on and breath to avoid cumming. In the meantime, Nisha would cum so intensely whilst Russell was prepared to continue to fuclk my gorgeous wife and give her the pleasure that she so deserved. As soon as his desire to cum had ceased, he would encourage Nisha to continue to ride upon on cock in yab-yum she would cum again and again and when Russell was ready he would release his cum right into her yoni. It was relentless but a togetherness of great connection. Spiritual sex you might call it. And that was what made the Thursday night.Friday and Saturday was a time for them to spend to together. It was an affair of sorts. Most of Friday, Nisha helped Russell at the gallery. Her dress code was a little more decent, albeit still revealing enought to gain the attention of many. Friday night and Saturday was involve dining out, walking along the beach and lots of conversation interspersed with lots of fucking. Tantric riutals had been completed.Russell would first aim to be on top and enter Nisha, with his sizeable cock. Nisha allowed him to be the dominant one enjoyed penetrating her yoni. He would cum inside her and lay claim to her pussy. Nisha
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would tell that she was often top riding him and cumming in excstasy. She also knew, that at least once during her visit, she would suck his sizeable and tender cock. Russell would insist that it was imperative that she swallowed his cum, "as it was the tantric nectar and that she was the Goddess must relish her God."Russell was definitely a well-sculpted figure. His hairless chest and athletic figure, along with his keen interest in tantric sex practices to heighten a woman’s pleasure, were something that I could not compete with. I was leaner than him and also slightly shorter in height with considerabley more chest hair.For such a beautiful woman, it only made sense that she should have the opportunity to experience her sexual equal. My role was to facilitate that.After about six months into the arrangement, Nisha’s trips to see Russell started to become a monthly affair. Her desire to be with him had increased. My desire for her to be fucked by him was also increasing.Sure enough, Russell had more clients enrolling for massages, but not so much for his couple’s tantric sex sessions. So Russell turned up the heat and asked Nisha to make sure she was not wearing her g-string as she wore her tantric outfit. Nisha had initially objected, as she knew that her short cloth around her waist had previously been insufficient to hide her panty flashes when she was bending over to serve those sitting on the couch. There was also the open staircase which she would have to climb to get to the kitchen to get more supplies from time to time. Russell had essentially asked Nisha to discretely flash her pussy.Nisha had told me about this before the event. The strange thing was that I was very comfortable with it. Interestingly, Nisha too said that she wanted to do it.Russell saw her and indicated with a nod that he was coming upstairs. I saw her walk up the remainder of the staircase as if she needed to be fucked there and then. Russell went upstairs. I, too, decided to go to the kitchen area upstair.I could see Russell’s firm buttocks exposed with Nisha’s legs wrapped tightly around him as he thrust his cock ever so vigorously into her yearning cunt. She was pinned against the kitchen wall and had herself wrapped around Russell as his powerful body held her up and fucked her with pleasurable force.Nisha moaned. Russell covered her mouth so that she wouldn’t scream and bring unnecessary attention to clients below. As he was about to come, he withdrew his well-endowed cock and with both of his hands on Nisha’s shoulders applied gentle force, indicating he wanted Nisha to suck him dry. She was on her knees and sucked his cock for only a short while, after which he came on her neck and on the cloth that was covering her breasts.Russell and Nisha saw me standing at the entrance of the kitchen area. Russell turned to Nisha and said, “I don’t think that you are obliged only to fuck me and your husband. I can see that you have desires and would like these to be fulfilled.”I was excited by this prospect, that Nisha may also want to explore other pastures for sexual fulfilment. I added, “I think Russell is right. Don’t be limited to just us”.Nisha didn’t comment, but just smiled.She hadn’t fully orgasmed and still felt and looked horny. However, she needed to change her cum-covered cloth covering her breasts before she went back downstairs to serve clients again. It would have been inappropriate to have given away to potential clients that she had, for a short while, been pleasuring her tantric guru. Russell gave her another cloth to wear to cover her breasts. It was a transparent chiffon cloth, and her nipples were highly visible. She looked absolutely gorgeous.Russell had gone downstairs. Nisha was still contemplating whether or not to go down and reveal so much so obviously.I told Nisha, “The fact that you have been flashing your lovely pussy to a few people makes this a walk in the park. In any case, most people have now gone anyway. Might as well try and capture the true nature of tantric sex.”Nisha thought about it and said, “Well, I always knew that I had married an intelligent man.”So Nisha went downstairs, with a sway in her hips, and started conversing with the small handful of potential clients that were left. One lady had asked, “I assume that you’re not married?”Pointing at me, Nisha said, “Oh, I am. In fact that’s my husband.” Nisha went on to explain that we now had an open relationship and that she and Russell were lovers.Nisha had definitely become a lot more comfortable with her sexuality. On subsequent promotional evenings, Nisha would wear just a g-string and a revealing chiffon cloth that started just above her beautiful breasts and would end just an inch below her gorgeous, tight arse. She was prepared to reveal all and discuss her sexuality and her experience with tantric sex in a candid and confident way. Business for Russell had started to boom, with many couples asking to be guided through the tantric sex process.She was the object of desire for most men during these evenings. And sure enough, she was seriously starting to consider entertaining the notion of fucking one or more of the more handsome men that would come along.With all of this, I had identified a key source of my inadequacy. Nisha would often mention that Russell’s cock was six inches long. She was trying to tell me that my cock was too small for her. She measured it on erection and found it to be just three-point-nine inches. My penis was smaller than average, and no comparison to Russell's. Russell not only had the relevant size, but he knew exactly what to do with it. For Nisha, it now seemed that size mattered and that my cock was not able to deliver the orgasms and states of pleasure that she so needed.I was still keen to know that my gorgeous wife was being well taken care of. If there was another man that desired her sexually, then so be it. In fact, I realised that I enjoyed being a cuckolded husband.Whilst having sex, Nisha would tell me, “I can’t feel your cock inside. It’s too fucking small.” It was a combination of humiliation and intense arousal. It’s as if I deserved it and enjoyed it.Before I could cum inside her she would then force me to withdraw, and would tease me whilst stroking my cock. “Your cock is not even of average size. You have such a small cock. I don’t think you deserve to cum inside me anymore. This is why I need Russell’s beautiful cock. Yours is somewhat pathetic isn’t?” I would reply to her, “Yes I have such a small cock. I know it’s pathetic.” I would then come intensely.To add to the humiliation, Nisha would say, “I’m not even going to lick your cock dry or consume your cum because your cock is just too small.”I enjoyed being belittled by my hot and much sought-after wife. The truth and reality was at times it was difficult to take. Nisha had come to the realisation that my cock was no longer going to satisfy her. She still loved me and wanted to be with me, and I was enjoying the humiliation and being a cuckolded husband whose wife was available to fuck others more worthy.Thus our sex life had changed, and so too had her desires to expand her horizons beyond the tantric guru.  

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